What's real......  

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12/19/2005 12:17 pm

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What's real......

I asked my self that question the other day....seems for the first time I had no real answer.....but that in itself is ok. Been on AdultFriendFinder for awhile now.....a house of smoke and mirrors for the most part. People never really sure of what they want or who they are....jaded by the experiences of some the real idiots in this world. I read profiles and see so many things....hope, optimism.....desperation and depression. A microcosum of society? Perhaps. Here on the net we can really be who we are as core human beings. The things we might shield in the real world can be left open and raw in this medium without fear of reprisal. Is that what keeps us in check as a socieity? Fear of being discovered? rejected on a primal level. But we always carry that around don't we? How does one decide who is what? Insticts? That gut feeling like some super Spiderman sense? I'm not sure.....but there must be some way to tell right? For me.... I know I ask alot of questions....I am inquisitive by nature. Some would say complex....but I think not. I have a thrist for knowledge and desire to know. I'm neither teacher nor student....but somewhere in between. Still....I want to know real people....not the fabricated illusion of the net....and there lies the rub.....here on the net.
Guess I'll keep askin what is real....because regardless of the massive misinformation.....I know through prsonal experience some truth is indeed here. What do you think?

eroticneurotic 47M

12/19/2005 2:11 pm

Yes Talk I agree, this place is full of smoke and mirrors. One thing I have found, is that the people in TASA are real. I know I am and I know most of them are. That's the only reason I stay here now. I did find something/someone very specail here though and she is very real as well. Outside of TASA, who knows what is or sin't real. In a place so full of spam bots and bullshit profiles, the only way to know is through the groups or personal encounters.

See, I knew you would make good use of your blog, my friend. You can use it to vent, ponder, express yourself or just inquire. Whatever you do, is up to you. You'll find that it may take a little while to get a regular group of loyal visitors. Sometimes, it takes a while for people to realize that you have a blog. Once they do, you will have regualar visitors who will feed you and feed off of you in return. Blogville is a great place to get to know people better. Next to the groups, it's the best way and here, you can actually open up a side of yourself that may not be expressed in the groups.

Remeber that teachers are always students as well, knowledge is neverending. In order to teach, one must be on a continual quest for more knowledge about what they are teaching. Therefore, making them a continual student.

Take it easy and have fun with this......EN

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