Reluctant to say what you really want  

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7/21/2006 11:07 pm

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Reluctant to say what you really want

You might be in a really anxious state of mind and would say some pretty obvious sexual desires and if you had the nerve to do that, you'd be telling the truth. But you might not really want that kind of relationship cause they come and go in just such a short time. OF course you still want them anyway, but you'd really like to find something more substantive.
What you really want seems too :La Ti Da and too easy. But its actually much harder to ask for friendship and understanding than it is to just ask for carnal acts of pleasuring.
Going to a night club, ridding a classic Harley Davidson to a known bar where young women hang out might be the impetus to attract someone that would like to go for a ride, maybe a drink and play some pool. But will that grow in to a friendship or just stay an acquaintance with a Libido that may or may not get some relief.?That may happen at first, but will there be the spark for other more typical give and take friendship notions? Will you find someone to be more than just an obsession for a date or two or more fulfilling , as in watching movies together, shop for something, shoes, pants, paint for a room, anything that just gives you friendly hanging out time together.
I am definitely looking forward to finding the latter. It's harder to find that than it is for one knighting or two timing.

Always looking for new friends , new adventures and of course more fun.
Tom Kat

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