Its pretty obvious and I am just rambling  

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7/22/2006 12:39 pm

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Its pretty obvious and I am just rambling

It's pretty obvious that no one with a profile on this or similar sites has the relationship that they want. Singles whether men or women , esp the really young and beautiful ,have a life outside getting on these sites to search for something they can't find in their own circles. The older people that don't circulate in night life scenarios and are too out of touch with social groups seem to blindly go where they have never been before. Yet they "demand" respect and no games, like as if they never played anyone or are bitter from some relationship that left them embarrassed by being taken in for the sex or maybe jilted for money. It happens, I've heard a lot of stories.
The much older members looking to hook up with someone, the senior sites are BORING. Talking about sipping metamucle as the evening sun sits, e-gack!!!

And how do people that sound like they'll jump into a sexual situation in a heart beat sleep at night??? Doesn't anyone think they are anything less than bullet proof? STD's are rampant, why do they take such chances? What's so bad about getting to know someone first, at least a few dates, you might not be able to stand a person from their personalities and there they go livin the "free sex" of the 60's n 70's all over.
Not to say I don't feel exhilarated, not to say I don't just plain love the feeling of being with someone. I just want to have my pleasure and know its not going to KILL ME. I can think of much better ways of dieing than knowing am being slowly killed from within.
There are a lot of life questions yet to be resolved. I want to be capable of finding the answers. Life is great if you are not killing yourself. I sure do love reading the profiles here on AdultFriendFinder, its pretty outrageous sometimes.
Well that's enough time on the soap box.

Always looking for new friends , new adventures and of course more fun.
Tom Kat

rm_lilywhite66 52F

9/22/2006 2:14 am

People should get on the soapbox more often about STD's. Now, granted this is a sex site but I don't think some people play it safe b/c they actually believe it won't happen to them.

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