my upstate fuck buddy (2004)  

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5/10/2006 10:37 pm
my upstate fuck buddy (2004)

I was reading through my old E mails
(I never delete them.)
When I ran into some pictures of an old
lover from upstate.
mid 40s white,blonde hair 6ft tall and 260lbs.
She was bottom heavy if you get my drift.
We met using
I happen to put on my ad that I was looking
for a older lady with a lil freak in her.
Turns out that she happen to be looking for
a younger guy who a whole lot more freak than
I was expecting (but what the hell.)
So on the first meeting she got right to the
point (I love older women for this!)

Sandy " listen up. im looking for some black
cock thats large enough for the pussy but
small enough for the ass, 8 is perfect for the

Me "right to the point, if you can take it 2x a week the way I like it then im down.

Sandy" Baby, I can take it but can you.

(30 min later at her place)

She pulls out a bottle of merlot and we sit down for a drink.

Me "Im glad your a woman who knows what she wants! I honestly do not know why some of these younger girls have to play mind games...they want the dick but just play around"

Sandy" well they dont know how to choose right, Im sure you know how to work it but first can you lick it?"

(Opens her legs to reveal her shaved pussy.)

Me" why dont we get right to it.."

I hear the sound of her wet pussylips part as she lifts her legs into the air and onto her
sofa. Her shaved pink pussy is clearly visible and yet her hole continues to stay closed.
as I get closer I start to rub the juices that appear to be more like honey than pussy juice.
I grabbed her ass and attempted to open it so I could get a view of her ass.
(I wanted to see if she did anal sex can tell you know.)

I noticed her ass was very tight and that the pussy juices flowed all the way down to her crack.

Me" I see you were waiting...wait..petting it while waiting for me?"

Sandy" You could say so but I want your mouth...
You said actions speak louder than words me.

With that said I began to slowly lick the sides of her wet pussy..making sure to lick every part of it clean Then taking all of the collected juices and flip her over so I could push it all into her ass. at this point my cock is so hard from looking at her tight holes that I cant wait!
I begin to lick her pussy and ass from front to back. she begins to moan and her asshole begins to shudder into orgasm. I stopped and then took her whole body and flipped her into doggie.

Sandy "Thats a start..I want you to fuck every me whos boss!"

from there I began to fuck her mouth..making her learn to deep throat, the deepest part of her mouth was very soft and she even felt precum go down her throat... much fun...There is more but I will keep that for myself!

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