Selfish Guys!  

rm_tachipanakun 42M
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5/10/2006 10:51 pm
Selfish Guys!

This summer the place to be is in NYC!
I mean there is so much good sexy pussy
on the streets that it is impossible for a
decent guy to not get laid!
Im a guy with no car and a decent job and
yet I can find a way to get laid but some guys
with all the money still cant get laid!
I say if we guys all work together im sure
every guy can get laid! lol too bad that will not happen!

A hooked one of my friends up with 100% pussy!
(All he had to do was come over.)
But then I realized that he knows a lot of sexy
and in need girls...
I just happen to ask him why does he never introduce me to his female friends?
Then it hit me! He is a selfish motherfucker!
I ran into one of his female friends who said she was ALWAYS asking where I was...strange right? My buddy never told me that...
So I procede to fuck her into a world of sexual bliss. a month later while hanging out with my buddy she runs into us (lol.)
She gives me a wet fat kiss on my lips and says
"I missed you! want to come to the party?"
I reply "What party?" she then explains how she invited my buddy to a carpet munching party that was inviting select single men, my buddy had a choice to invite one guy (it was not me!)
the guy was all messed up and reaking of weed.
My buddy then asked me what was going on...
I simply said "Dude, I met her in the street and everything worked out well!"
the moral? Fuck guys who dont hook you up! Go out there and get it on your own and the next time your lover or booty call asks you
"Do you have a friend for my friend" lose your selfish ass buddys number! no more fucking freebies for selfish mofo! lol

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