Cheap ass people  

rm_t0nguetied69 46M
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5/27/2006 2:29 pm
Cheap ass people

Well as I have posted I am self employed. It has been a fairly busy weekend for my business and things are going fine except for one thing... Cheap ass people. I can not believe the amount of people who want everything at a deal or for free.

Let me explain. I do a lot of market research and cost comparisons. Typically I am 10%-20% less expensive than my local competitors and about 35% less than the big box stores.

It just amazes me that people have to try and haggle on everything. Then they tell me how much money I make. Like they know for one and for another I reinvest almost every spare dollar back into this place.

It is just burning my ass lately. They come in ask how much even though the price is right there then go shop my price at other places. 2-3 hours later they return and tell me they found it cheaper somewhere else. So I ask for the quote and tell them I will beat any written quote by 5%. They then tell me that they didn't get it. Now I know what the other stores are charging and I am aware of any specials they are running. So why lie to my face and tell me something like this? I just can't figure it out. Besides we are not talking about a lot of money my average sale is $35-$150.

Just had to vent so thanks for reading.

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