Big Dick and Jenny  

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5/21/2006 9:04 am

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Big Dick and Jenny

Well it's getting pretty bad here in Michigan in the Political world. The voters of the state have a hard choice come November. This is what we have to choose from.

Big Dick -
Dick DeVos is a Grand Rapids Business man. He doesn't have any real political experience and to top it all off his family is the head of Amway. Yes the pyramid scheme Amway. He is also incredibly rich and has ties to almost every special interest group here in Michigan. He is anti-union, for reasons he has not detailed yet. He does have a good party line but fails to tell you how he is going to do everything he says he will. So basically lip service to get your vote.

Jennifer Granholm is the current incumbent governor. In my onion she has failed to anything positive in her time in office. Taxes are soaring and jobs are leaving. We have the largest number of skilled tradesmen and engineering than anywhere else but our leaders fail to attract new business and keep existing ones. It appears to me that the majority of the country has started a rebound but we here in Michigan we are lagging behind miserably. We over tax and drive business from this state. Ms. Granholm also has very socialist views of how our state should operate. This not to say that on paper and in theory they don't sound good. But the people who end up on the loosing end are the Middle Class that comprises most of us here.

So what to do in November - Well all I can say is get informed. Read what you can and don't be fooled by the sound bites you hear and see on the television. Make a choice that you feel comfortable with as an informed voter. The spin Doctors area t work and it will only get worse as the date draws near. But no matter what be sure to vote - Even if you write in a name or vote for a third party.

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