good oral is no biting  

rm_sylva_gaia 30F
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6/26/2006 1:03 pm

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11/28/2006 5:29 am

good oral is no biting

Eating a womans pussy is one of the most amazing things a man/woman can do for us, it makes us feel sexy, loved and it makes us cum, cum like crazy in my case. I think i actually prefer it to actual sex, u can have the smallest penis in the world but if you giv good head then your better value then a man with a twelve inch whopper

Some men, dont seem to like pussys, but i reckon its not that they dont like it but thats its that theyre afraid of it because a penis is a lot easier to figure out, so guys dont be afraid enjoy it and let us know your having fun that way we can lie back and enjoy ourselves without worrying your not having fun,

anyway this is what enjoy, id like my lover to kiss and lick their way down to my stomach, down to the tops of of my thighs, then start getting excited, il be writhing in pleasure trying to arch my back trying to force my pussy into your face

and then just go for it and have fun

anyway i posted this becaus i spent an hour on the phone to a distraught friend who thought shed found the perfect man only to have disastourous oral sex, she ended up getting bitten and had a horrible trip to hospital to get stitches lol shouldnt laugh but its funny as its not me
and anyway i reckon its partly her fault for letting him go that far so communication really is important to sex
so roll on good oral sex

foramoursvp 60M

6/29/2006 10:40 am

Totally agree Sylva , good oral technique gets the best orgasms . By way of a little surprise treat I like to make sure the woman is in bed first , and upon entering the bedroom , lift the bottom of the quilt and start by kissing the ankles and calves , gradually working my up. I take my time kissing and licking the thighs , until she's squirming at the thought of the pleasures to cum! Gentle kissing of the pussy is a further tease before gentle licking starts.......

Unlike your poor friend,the roughest thing I do is a good sucking of the clitoris and even that only after three or four orgasms have passed.It is difficult to stop once you get going.I find that the best form of communication in sex is writhing around in orgasmic pleasure , then you know that all is just fine.

Take care xx

goldenwonder2712 55M
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8/12/2006 11:22 am

Giving oral sex to a woman has to be my favourite pass time and it gives me the biggest erection too which is a superb benefit. I find women are wetter after a good cunnilingus session and this makes actual penetartion so much sweeter (I'm sure it's better foir the ladies too!)My earnest hope is that you and I can meet to tey each other out. And I especially hope that you have a good natural bush: licking and kissing a lady's quim lips and clitoris is brilliant by itself, it gets better when I reach the delicious resisting muscle around the vagina entrance (and the perfume is just fantastic) but the cherry on the cake is a lovely coarse bush. I love the feel of coarse pubes on my cheeks and around my nose. I love to rub my nose in it and then slowly bury myself into the gorgeous gash and meet up with your clitoris. The view from between a woman's legs looking around her vulva and up her long body to her breasts (which of course are both available for gentle kneading and caressing) is superb.

My fantasy is LIGHT bondage where the woman then sits on my face. As her orgasm becomes more urgent she'll start to dictate the intensity and frequencies of licks. I'm sure I'm likely to come all over her back. But then, if she were gobbling my cock at the time...!

Sorry Sylva, my trousers have suddenly got too tight thinking about giving you head, I'm going to have to see to it...

Hey. We really must meet up. You sound like my ideal sex partner. I'm going to be in central Lincoln at the University on 3 - 5 September. I'm going to be bored (it's a tediuos training course) and really ready for some sweet juicy pussy.

Please get in touch
Golden Wonder

Capt_Flint69er 45M

9/17/2006 1:01 am


How can anybody bite during oral by accident?

I actually prefer lots of oral during sex. I find that I can last far longer that way. I also love the taste of pussy. Can a man live on pussy alone? Not sure, but its woth trying. How many points do you get at 'weight watchers' for pussy eating?

Mail me if you want to know more Sylva... x

rm_JIM69UandME2 53M
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11/16/2006 4:13 pm

Hi Sylvia, finally a lady who likes what I like!
You cannot beat a couple of hours teasing, pleasing and pleasuring!

There is much more to sex and satisfaction that just penetration, if you are interested or I've got your attention please mail me & perhaps we could discuss it over a drink?

Jim xx

Smilin_J225 68M

11/23/2006 6:12 pm

Hi Sylvia,

Just answered a question on Younger Women, Older Men. Nips I can understand, but a bite is too much. I can't even do that if they ask !! Would love to chat with you. Try my name on hotmail.


rm_smilingjax 82M  
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11/25/2006 10:07 am

You're the girl in all my dreams. I couldn't have said what you said any clearer, "eating a pussy is one of the most amazing things that a man/woman can do for us, it makes us feel sexy. I think I actually prefer it to sex!" I agree wholeheartedly, oral, done correctly (w/o biting), is much better than sex!

rm_smilingjax 82M  
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1/18/2007 12:27 am

This is what you enjoy, "I'd like my lover to kiss and lick their way down to my stomach, down to the tops of my thighs then start getting excited, then you'd be writhing in pleasure trying to arch her back trying to force her pussy in your face, and then go for it, and have fun!"

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