Hmmmmmm !!! Part 2  

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12/3/2005 12:51 pm

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7/25/2006 2:34 am

Hmmmmmm !!! Part 2

Life has a way of making you sit back and take notice of one's own life. Last night when nothing seems out of the ordinary and hubby is now home for a few days, you put your jammies on, sit back with a bowl of popcorn and are ready to watch a movie for a few hours undisturbed. He comes in from having a few brews with friends and sits with you and tells you how his evening has gone. I give him my full attention. I can see how his drinks has affected his speech and his eyes glow just a bit warmer than usual. He is tired but doesn't want to sleep in his own bed so i suggest he sleep in mine. I turn the lights off in the house, check the doors and take him by the hand to lead him to my room. We are talking for the first in many a months and he tells me of his hopes and dreams. I listen intently so as not to miss a single word. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me closer to his side. I am hesitant but go along as i don't want to shatter this feeling of euphoria that he has created. He turns to me and kisses my brow and slowly makes a path to my lips. I am confused!!! The man who has said that he no longer wants to make love to me is being the loving husband i remember ohhhh so well those many years ago. He touches my breasts for the very first time in 27 months. I close my eyes and pray this is not a dream. I am confused !!! He asks me to touch him and i do so with pleasure. I want to feel his body... touch him as i used to, look into his eyes when i've found his erogenous zones, hear his intake of breath when i kiss and lick them. He pulls me atop and i straddle his body. He take off my shirt and kneads my breasts and tells me how beautiful they are. I am confused !!! He flicks my nipples and they become erect remembering the feel of his hands. I close my eyes once more, my head thrown back and the feelings wash over me. He tells me to guide his cock inside me, I am confused !!! but i do it. He holds my hips in place and i feel him filling me and moan in response. I am afraid, i do not speak in fear of him coming to his senses and realizes that it's me he's fucking. He feels good... his warmth and tenderness he showers me with. I am confused!!! No words pass between us ... i don't want to let go ... he reaches his orgasm and i take his seed deeply inside of me. I want to hold him there forever and tell him nothing should ever come between us again, but i will wait... now is not the time for discussion. I don't want to go too far so i slide down beside him and he holds me close. I hear the soft even breathing that turns to snores that tells me he has falleg asleep. I cannot leave the bed, do not wish to. That glimmer of hope that was there has now grown, it's now a brighter hope that all will be good once again between us. Confusion sets in!!! What will the light of day bring me. I am hopeful.

We are sitting across from each other now, coffee in hand and we say nothing. Should i ask him, should i break this fragile bond that now exists. I want to shout at him that the love i have for him has never left. The hope he instilled in me last night is brighter. I am confused !!! I wait !!!

posty2 63M
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12/4/2005 7:44 am

Tell him how you feel...let it all out. I realize this will be extremely difficult but if you don't it will eat you up inside....If he doesn't express his feelings...punt him. Alcohol AWLAYS makes men horny and keeps their feelings inside. To me it sounds like he used you.......

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12/6/2005 1:49 pm

hey sweetlips hun.....its sounds like the morning of the 2nd of dec didn't start off to well but by nightfall all seems good... hubby finally cums around and makes you feel like you deserve...knowing both of you i am so happy that you finally had some special time together even if it is only for a is still there.. and as i keep telling you deep inside he does still love you....he will get better...he maybe finally get his head out of his ass and becoming the husband you deserve and ya

mic35000 56M/52F
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12/8/2005 10:33 pm

hey sweetlips you know you should stay home once in awhile...we stopped yesterday to take you to lunch or maybe have you for lunch
but you weren't home lt;lt;lt; maybe next time

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