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9/27/2005 7:17 am

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Just a couple of random thoughts here today.

Do you ever look at someone and wonder if they are into the lifestyle? Or maybe one of your friends says something to you making you think they are interested in more than friendship?

We do have some friends (we haven't seen them in some time) that live in another state. There are two couples, both were associates of my hubby's. One couple owns a swinger club. It was no secret what they were into either. The other couple threw out hints to me more than once that they were interested. The thing is we couldn't bring ourselves to play with people that he worked with.

One guy who we know, claimed to be in the lifestyle but he isn't what we would consider a swinger. He was only interested in doing the female before her partner was involved and after that he wouldn't touch her. He was OK to let the male half watch while he went about his business but when he was done, he was done.

Another guy we know joked once with my hubby that he was bisexual. My hubby looked at him funny and the guy replied, "Yep, I have to buy sex all the time."

I had a post back in August that talked about a female friend of ours. She is what I call a tease. She has been over many times this summer, mostly on the weekends. Sometimes we sit outside late into the night talking about whatever we can think of to talk about. She has shared with us a big portion of her sex life. She has told us what she likes, doesn't like and even some things a normal friend wouldn't share. She isn't married, but is dating a guy who lives in another city. She is moving soon to another city herself and her man is moving to another state. I have had many vibes from her that she is interested in my hubby. The thing is that I know she isn't interested in anything more than one on one sex. Hubby has told me flat out that if it doesn't involve both of us, he isn't interested. We have given her no clues that we are in this lifestyle because we don't want to lose her friendship.

So if you were going to approach a friend about their feelings on the lifestyle, how would you go about it?

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