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9/23/2005 9:36 pm

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I have a friend outside of here that blogs at a popular blog place. I went to read some of her blogs and decided to look at blogs of other people there. I was shocked at some of the things I read. Most of the bloggers are kids, some as young as 12. Have any of you read the kind of things a 12 year old talks about? I was shocked. Where are their parents? There were plenty of young girls on there that talked about "loving" a boy, a boy being "hot", some that already have kids, and I didn't even really get into the blogs made by the boys. I was still trying to pick my mouth back up from the floor.

I know what we were like as kids, but never this bad. Even with all the things we did as kids, we never did the things some of these kids talk about. Too many parents now days are letting their kids grow up without supervision. Some parents are letting television, movies, the internet and other kids teach their kids. Shouldn't the parents know at all times where their kids are? My mother knew where I was at all times (even though she might not have known what I was doing) when I was that young. Maybe if we had more parents out there that cared and taught their kids about the real world, we wouldn't have so many problems with our teenage society.

So does anyone here have a blog at another place? I am not asking you to share that blog, just a simple yes or no will do.

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