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Neela sits in the bar surveying the room, her back against the wall. She was meeting someone here. Her pointed ears twitched at every sound, constantly aware of every person around her. She knew she drew attention in her black leather vest, her heavy chest barley contained within it. Her legs incased in a matching material, her blades crossed behind her back. She was all business today, or so she thought.

Her eyes quickly found the cool drink of water that had just poured into the bar. He was dressed as if he’d been on the trail for weeks. He was huge, muscles rippled under his tunic. His black hair streaked down his back in a tight tail. Conversations around him seemed to stop as he walked past, looking around as if searching for someone. His eyes seemed to catch hers and to her surprise, he walked up to her table. She could hardly contain her sudden rush of lust looking at this man. Her mind ran through the details of the meeting once more. She’d made a deal with a mousy looking man, a tiny elf who looked as though he‘d snap under enough pressure. He was to meet her here at 12 noon, to exchange some information. This man before her was nothing that she’d expected. Hell, he wasn’t even an elf. What made him think he was good enough to talk to her?

“Mam.” he tipped his head at her. She acted as if she hadn’t noticed him there but to the contrary she couldn’t stop her eyes from wandering up at him. “I believe you were expecting me?”

“You?” Neela uncrossed her arms from her chest and stared up at the human. “I believe you’ve got the wrong elf bub.” her voice sounded very rude, even to her. She wondered at the man’s reaction. She’d hate to ruin such a handsome face with her blade.

The man just smirked at her. “I don’t think so.” the words seemed to drip from his lips. “You were expecting Kale, am I correct?”

She nodded.

“Well, it seems he met with an unfortunate accident earlier this week.” a smile cross his face. “And I’ve been sent in his place. Name is Nickorad.”

She could hardly believe her pointy ears. She was going to have to do business with this oaf? She didn’t know which was worse, dealing with his attitude or keeping her mind on her work. Business, definitely focus on business. Neela tossed a bag of gold on the table. “100, as agreed.”

Nickorad just laughed at her, pushing the bag back at her. “You think I’m as easily bought as Kale was? Your sadly mistaken.”

How dare he! Her temper flared. She raised herself to stand before him, hands flat on the table she drew herself up to her full height, still falling short of eye to eye by seemingly 2 feet. “Name your price.”

“I don’t want your money.”

No money? Then what the hell did he want from her? Almost as soon as the question entered her head she knew the answer. For the first time she looked deep into his eyes and saw in his what she was trying so desperately to hide in her own.

“You. I want you, for one night, for whatever I tell you to do.”

Neela tried to hide her surprise. Something she apparently didn’t do very well as Nickorad’s eyes danced with humor.

“I’m not a barter chip.” she said with such force his grin faltered. Now dead serious and determined to tame this elf, he put his face mere inches from hers.

“You don’t have a choice. I get what I want, you get what you want.”

For the first time Neela noticed people were starting to stare. She forced herself back down into her chair. Did she have a choice? The information she was after was very important. She must obtain it.

“Done.” she crossed her arms in front of her in defiance. Nickorad’s grin split his face, he’d won. “Tonight.” he saunters out of the bar after dropping a key in front of her.

She’d thought about backing out of the deal all day. Was she really willing to give her body for what she sought? But here she was, standing in front of door 42 of the Last Inn, the door that matched the key. Do it, get it over with, she told herself. I mean how bad could it be? He was handsome, just looking at him made her tingle with excitement. Before she’d have the chance to change her mind, Neela turned the key and entered the room. It was empty, Nickorad was no where to be found. Maybe he’d been the one to change his mind. Strangely the thought disappointed her. She shook it from her mind. The room looked like an other inn she’d ever been in. Having no place to call home herself, she’d spent a lot of time from inn to inn. There was, however, one difference to this room, on the bed was a nighty. She walked up to the bed and ran her hand down it. It was soft, made of the finest silk, the red coloring would look scrumptious against her skin, the tiny string shoulders and plunging neckline would expose her just enough to be dangerous. It was by far the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. Neela knew why it was here, she was suppose to wear it. She could refuse, but what was the point? He didn’t look like a man that was easily persuaded into anything. She moaned as she slipped it over her body. She’d never felt anything so good before. She ran her hands down her hips, it was a little more form fitting than she would have guessed, her firm breast pushing against the material, a split came up both sides from the calf to the hip. She turned herself around in it enjoying the way it incased her. As she spun back around she came face to face with Nickorad. He had to grab her arms to keep her from falling back, drawing her to his chest.

“I see you found your gift.” his eyes look down into hers. His eyes seemed to posses her, she was at a loss for words. When she finally did find her voice she was surprised how meek and innocent it sounded as she tripped over her words.

“Y-Yes, it’s v-very nice.” Hmmm, her body was tingling being this close to him. His muscular chest pressing against her. His arms wound around her back, their strength holding her up. And he smelled so good. A mix of a manly smell and something sweet she couldn’t place. What was she thinking loosing herself in this human? How degrading for an elf. Human’s were big brainless oafs, wrecking havoc and mayhem where ever they went. So much lower on the evolutionary scale as elves, even if she was a mixed elf. She must keep her head about her.

Nickorad felt the defiance within her and his grin widened, this was going to be fun. He released her from his grip and gave her a slight push toward the bed. “Lay down.” It wasn’t a request, it was a demand.

Neela crossed her arms once again in protest. “No.”

Nickorad turned towards the door, his hand upon the knob. “Then I take my information with me.”

Panic streaked through her. “Wait.” she reached a hand towards him, she’d have to do what he desired. He was not going to change his mind in his plans.

As Nickorad turned back around she carefully lay herself upon the bed. She felt so vulnerable. Not a feeling she was use to. She braced herself for the worst as he stood over her beside the bed. Slowly he pulled his tunic over his head. She couldn’t help but stare. He was a sight to behold. Muscles rippled down his body, his stomach taught and hard. His pale skin mar only by a scar here and there. Neela briefly wondered how he got them, thought better of asking. His pink nipples stood erect, proudly jetting from his chest. She turned her head as he reached for the tie on his leather pants.

“Don’t look away.” She forced herself to turn back to him, her cheeks for the first time flush. As he pulled the cord, her breath caught in her throat, her heart sped. Lust grew inside her as his pants fell to the floor. She’d seen naked elves before, the male body didn’t surprise her. However, she’d never seen a naked human before. She’d never gotten close enough to want to. Her eyes grew huge as she stared. She could sense him watching her and she quickly flushed again. She’s never blushed so much in her life, and she was over 120 years old. She stopped herself from trembling slightly as he came to kneel beside her on the bed. “I won’t hurt you.”

He thought her scared? How dare he, didn’t he have any idea who she was? “I’m not.” had she said that out loud? She hadn’t meant to. He seemed to have read the question to the answer.

“Yes, you are, I can see it in your eyes.”

Humph. Arrogant too. He ran his hand down her cheek. Her skin was so soft to the touch. He trailed it lower, down her neck, tickling her skin as he went. Lower still, pausing only slightly at the top of her perky breasts. His eyes locked with hers as his hand come down to cup one mound in his hand. His finger flicking the hardening bud beneath the gown.

Neela bit her lip to keep from moaning with pleasure. She was not giving into this man. But what she wanted and what her body desired we’re two different things. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. She felt the bed creak beneath her as he moved. She kept her eyes closed, not wanting to know what he was to do to her next. She was only slightly taken back to feel his soft lips brush hers. Her eyes locked with hers. The flame in them burned as brightly as hers. It had been so long since she’d felt this way, she wanted him, she wanted to feel him, to know what it was like to be part of him. She relaxed against him, an opportunity he didn’t miss. He pressed his hot tongue to her lips, seeking entrance. Without thinking she obliged. Her tongue twisting and caressing his. The desire inside her took over her mind. Her hands came up to caress his back, his body warm to her touch. His hand roamed her body, leaving a trail of whispered desire. With every touch her body grew hotter. He broke the kiss as softly as he’d started it. The same grin on his face, knowing he’d won her over. He trailed light kisses down her neck, across her chest, stopping to nip at each hardened bud beneath the red silk. Her breath caught in her throat as her hips instinctively reacted to his touch on them, drawing them forward. She couldn’t believe how her body was reacting. How shameful. But she was beyond caring. The lust between them could no longer be denied. His powerful hand slowly slid up her calf, drawing the silk with it. Her body shook as his hands drew closer to her mound. Up her thighs he went, burning his way. She bit her lip to keep from moaning as his rough fingers touched her most private parts. He was gentle as he softly parted her folds to him. Neela was surprised to find how ready her body was for this man. Slicking his fingers as they caressed her. She held her breath as he slowly circled her nest. She knew what she wanted, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Around and around his fingers drew, causing her to tremble and squirm. He was toying with her. A fact that, if she’d been in her right mind, would have burned her to no end.

“Give in to me. Your still fighting it.” She released her lip from her teeth, licking the drop of blood she’d caused.

“I’ll give you nothing.” a simple statement filled with defiance. She knew not where it had come from, her body and mind already over taken by him.

“Then you’ll get nothing.” His hand drew back, her body cold without him. She felt the desire inside take on a life of it’s own at the prospect of being left in this state. Her hips drew up once more as if seeking him. She’d have to give herself fully to this man, her soul as well as her body. How long had it been since she’d given in to her own desires, without fear of consequence? Far too long.

She slowly moved her hand down his back, feeling her way to his hip. She hesitated slightly as she went, waiting for his reaction. His face was expressionless and hard. She bit her lip once again as she moved her hand around his hip, drawing her body up against his to reach what she desired. His manhood wasn’t hard to miss as she drew her hand around it. He was ready for her, his body giving away his own lust.

“You want me.” he whispered to her. “Tell me the truth or I’ll stop now.”

She heard her voice as if from a distance. “Yes.” She didn’t want him to stop, she didn’t want him to ever stop. He felt so good touching her, waking feelings within her she’d been so long in feeling. It was as if a flood gate inside them had been released. Hands and legs were suddenly a tangle as they hungrily kissed. No longer holding back their desires. They held each other as if they’d known each other for years instead of hours. Their souls talking to one another, mixing in the feelings. Nickorad drew himself above her, his body spreading her legs before him. His weight pressing Neela deeper into the soft mattress beneath them. She could feel him against her hip. She thrust her hips against him as if willing him to continue. He took the hint and she could feel him pressing against her wet mound. Her body cried out for him. His hands at her shoulders, he drew down the straps, taking the fabric with him. The air felt chilly to her naked breasts. But Nickorad’s mouth upon them quickly fixed the problem. Neela drew in a sharp breath of desire as he tortured her nipple with his tongue. He nibbled his way back up to look her in the eye.

“Ask for it. Tell me you want me.” A request she hadn’t expected.

“Yes.” she whispered once more. But it wasn’t what he wanted. His body drew back slightly. No, he couldn’t, not after coming this far.

“Tell me what you want from me.” he demanded softly. Her mind raced for a moment. To voice her desire was different from showing it. It made it real, it exposed herself to him. She’d always drawn else into a protective shell, a shell this human was trying to crack.

From the moment Nickorad had laid eyes on her, he knew she wasn’t a woman to be trifled with. She held a hidden woman underneath her strong exterior. He was going to find that elf or force her into exposing it.

Neela fumbled for the words to express herself. When she finally found her voice, it sounded more determined than she’d imagined it would.

“I want you. I desire you.” A single tear caught in her eye as she felt the years she’d worked to harden herself give way.

His hand caressed her face, drawing the tear away. His body, his face, softened to her voice. He kissed her lips once more as he slowly slide into her body. She couldn’t hold back the moan from deep in her chest as he parted her body, filling her. Her nails grasp into his back as he withdrew his lips to look her in the eye. Her hips rotated around, joining his in rhythm as they pumped her body. She lay her head back, eyes closed as she enjoyed the feelings he had awakened within her. He filled her every desire, bringing her body feelings she didn’t know it could have. Over and over he pressed in her. Tingles spread through her body like wildfire. She held on to him as if she were drowning. So hard within her, touching and burning. It didn’t take long before she felt her release upon her. She tried to hold it back, wanting this to continue forever. Not wanting to let this feeling go. But he sensed her body tightening around him, starting to milk him. Squeezing him into his own release. He pushed harder within her, burying himself deeper within her folds. It was too much to hold back. The first waves of her release hit her hard, causing her body to jerk beneath him. She squelched back a scream as an animal instinct took over.

“Don’t fight it.” he sounded as breathless as her. She didn’t, she was done fighting. Her voice echoed through the room as her body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure. His release was soon to follow. Neela felt him push even further within her, his hot seed pleasurably searing her. She felt his chest rumble with a groan as he jerked against her. It took what seemed like forever for the feeling to ebb from her. Her body trembling from exertion, her mind coming to grips with what had just happened. He kissed her cheek softly as he withdrew his body from hers, rolling to lay by her side. He cupped her body next to his, his arm around her. What was she to do now? She’d went much farther than she’d intended. How could she have let this happen? But as she looked deep into his eyes, she knew how. Not only had her body wanted this man, her soul had needed him. She lay exhausted in his arms, her eyes feeling heavy.

It would be hours later before she woke, the dawn’s light streaming through the only crude window. She was alone in bed. She sat upright, her eyes scanning the room quickly for him, as if still needing him. But he wasn’t there. Her heart dropped with disappointment. He’d left. Well, she told herself, what did she expect? She threw herself out of the bed and quickly dressed. He’d used her, just like all the other men in her life. See what she got for exposing herself. She knew better, why had she let him do this to her? She was angry, more than angry, she was hurt. Not only had he taken her body, she hadn’t the information she sought. She drew her hand up to adjust the blade on her back when she noticed something hard within her pocket. She slowly drew out a piece of parchment. As she unfolded it a key fell to the floor. She bent down and looked it over. “room 14, black swan inn.” She glanced quickly at the note. It was blank. What the hell was this! She quickly ran from the room and across town, key gripped tightly in her hand. The innkeeper of the Black Swan had only time to express his surprise as she rushed past him. Door 14 stood in front of her. Was Nickorad in here.? If he was he was going make him wish he wasn’t. She knew not which was racing more, her mind, or her body. She quickly unlocked the door and flung it open. Her mouth stand open as she stared inside.

Upon the bed sit’s a small dark elf, graying hair down his back. He sits as if waiting, smiling, staring at the door.

100 years of searching had come to an end as Neela steps into the room.

(Sweet sits back looks off in the far cold night and thinks)

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