Surrender's Embrace (Part 2 to Surrender)  

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Surrender's Embrace (Part 2 to Surrender)

Neela's body sway back and forth in her exhaustion upon her black steed. The warm breeze caresses her face as it blows by like an inviting friend. The scenery out here was beautiful, but the half elf beauty was beyond noticing. The rolling hills seemed to go on forever, it was starting to get dark and the sun could be seen fading behind them. No signs of life anywhere, she was truly in the middle of no where. She'd been riding for almost a week now with just enough supplies in her pack to make her journey. She always traveled light. Her dark green cloak concealed her body and protected her from the elements, which were leanant tonight. The hilt of her two blades could be seen across each shoulder, she was never without them. They were her life.

Her father's words echoed in her head, "Follow the path that's laid out before you. You know your heart, your spirit is bound." Then he'd saddled her horse and sent her away to find her path. She shook her head with a slight grin, ramblings of an old elf. He was old, nearly 600 now. She had no idea what he was talking about. Nearly 2 years had passed since she had found him again. For the first time in 100 years, Neela had a home. She lived with her father in Serpise Forest. No where near civilization, he'd been hiding here in this dark forest for the last 100 years. Upon her 20th year, her still a child, the other elves had turned on Mekier, learning that his spawn was not of full blood. Neela's mother, Samantha, had passed shortly after her birth and for 20 years Mekier had raised her in his home in the elf city.

When the other elves found he'd spawned a child not of elven blood he was shunned and run out of the city, forever to hid his presence from their eyes. He'd left Neela with Samantha's sister, to save her from his disgrace. But her spirit was restless to find her father and she soon set out into the life she now possessed.

Her mind snapped back to the present. It was very dark now and she looked for a place to set up for the night. A lone tree stood not far away, it would have to do.

When her campfire was blazing she lay in her bedroll, glancing around, thinking of her father's words. Her spirit was bound, what the hell did that mean anyway? She wasn't bound to anything, she'd never had anyone or anything to be bound to. She felt so confused in her life. There was an emptiness in her heart that was only slightly filled by finding her father. An emptiness she thought would go away when her search for him was over. But it remained.

She glanced around, the water rippled on the nearby pond as the wind blew. She looked up at the tree she was under. It looked dead, branches broken and blackened. Crisp leaves fell, even in the summer warmth. It barely clung to life, it's roots reaching into the pond. She felt a strange link to this tree. Her eyes grew heavy and she slunk down into her hard bed upon the ground. The wind whispered as she drifted off, her hand clutched to the hilt of her blade as she slept, "know your heart".

A thud awakened Neela just a short time after sleep had finally come. She was quickly on her feet, blade in hand. Within seconds she had it pointed at the throat of a form upon the ground. A low moan came from the darken form, a riderless horse standing near.

"Who are you, what do you want?" she hissed out behind tight lips.

The body upon the ground just lay there. Was it dead she wondered. She pushed it over with her foot, closer to the fire light. Her breath caught in her throat. It was him. Her hand reached up and clutched the key that hung between her breasts. She pressed the blade closer to his throat. Anger seared through her body. "Nickorad"

Slowly his eyes opened, they barely glanced upon her. "Neela" his voice was very whispered, weak. It was then that she noticed the crimson stain upon his shoulder. Dare she trust him? In his present condition he was still a formidable foe and still as handsome as ever. His face was rugged and unshaved, his black hair dark as night. He looked as if he'd been on the trail for weeks. She slowly lowered her blade, but refused to sheath it. She wasn't taking any chances, he'd gotten what he wanted from her once, it wouldn't happen again.

Her anger subsided a little as mixed emotions filled her. She quickly shook her head, she'd not let any emotion rule her, not now, not ever. She suppose he'd need tending, he looked quite wounded. Deciding his wound was more a threat to him than he was to her, she sheathed her blade. She quickly went to her saddle bags and ripped a piece of cloth off a shirt. She wet it in the pond and quietly kneel beside him. He said not a word, he barely looked conscious. She hesitated for a moment, she'd have to take off his shirt. She wouldn't soon forget what his body had done to her. She grumbled to herself, cursing herself for remembering such a time.

Neela pulled the buttons on his tunic apart so fast that most popped off, flying in all directions. She leaned closer to examine his wound. He'd been stabbed. It looked deep, and at least a few days old. She wondered how anyone had gotten the better of this hulking human. Nickorad's body was the glint of perfection, stomached hard as steel, rippling biceps, and faster than a cat. Why hadn't he tended his wounds? She assumed the questions would be answered soon enough. A sigh escaped her lips as she lightly dapped the pond soaked cloth on his shoulder. The wound would have to be closed. She always carried needle and thread in her pack, having done her own stitches before. She grabbed them and some healing herbs and returned to Nickorad's side. It was going to be a long night.

The sun was shinning brightly upon her face when Neela awoke. She didn't remember falling asleep. She quickly glanced around, where was Nick? Had he slipped out in the night while she slept? The splash in the pond drew her attention. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw his naked chest glistening wet in the sun. She bit her lip, shame on her. After what he did to her last time, she should just kill him now. Rage and lust filled her body, a bad combination. She thrust herself to her feet and cast a meaningful glare in his direction. Arms across her chest, she stood at the edge of the water.

"Neela, so good to see you again my dear." Nickorad glanced down at his perfectly stitched shoulder. "Excellent work, your certainly have a nack for it." A grin splay across his face. Oh how she'd love to slap it off. She grind her teeth to keep from spewing all the vile things she wanted to say to him. "You want to explain what the hell is going on here?"

"I was dirty and feeling much better, thought I'd blow the stink off myself." Nickorad knew it wasn't the answer she was looking for. He loved to get this woman's temper flaring, She was a spitfire when she got going and he loved that in her. He could almost see her face scalding with anger. "Explain yourself." Neela forced the words to come out in a calm manner, she wanted to scream, to throw herself at this man and beat him to a bloody pulp. How he infuriated her, how she lusted for him. With that thought she drew her sword. Nick's grin widened as he stepped closer to her, his body being revealed inch by glorious inch. The water dripped off his rippling muscles, his nude body tanned and hardened. He brought himself to the tip of her blade, at any second she could thrust it into his heart and it'd be done. About what he deserved he imagined.

Neela's breath caught in her throat as she looked at him, trying to stay focused on his face. Nick raised his arm, brushing the sword aside as he stepped past. The look of shock on Neela's face was unmistakable. He gave a haughty laugh. "If you were going to kill me, you would have done it last night."

He was right, if she had any intentions of harming him she had a perfect opportunity to do it already. Her heart wouldn't let her. She turned, sheathing her sword once again. He had quickly dressed and was examining the hole in his shirt, now stitched shut and clean of blood. "Nice." he stated.

"So, are you going to tell me what happened?"


"Fine" her arms crossed against her chest once more.

They both sat in silence as they ate hard tack from her saddle bags. She couldn't help but glare at him, a looked that didn't pass him by. They had come to a truce, he'd behave himself and she'd put away the blades. He moved closer to her side of the fire. He waited for her to move away, but she pretended to by engrossed in her eating. I'm not going to let this man get to me, after we eat, he'll be on his way she told herself. He was so close now she could feel the warmth from his body on her side, the smell of him drifting around her. It was almost mesmerizing. Her body tingled, being this close to him did strange things to her. She hated herself for it. As she brought another bite to her lips she realized his face was mere inches from hers. She glanced up at him, their gaze locking.

"I'm sorry" the words dripped from his lips.

"For what?"

"For this." Before she had a chance to say anything else his lips hungrily grasped at hers, locking her in a deep kiss. She should push him away, but couldn't bring herself to do it. The realization finally hit her in that moment, the emptiness inside her was gone. It was shocking to her, she'd never needed anyone before, not like she needed this man. She'd cheated and thieved her way through life when she had to, never once considering love or a relationship. The kiss seemed to go on forever, stirring her emotions. When they broke apart Nick braced for her hand across his face, but it never came. A single tear streak down her face. She quickly got up and stood at the edge of the pond. Of all the reactions he expected from this hardened woman, this was the last. He stood behind her, wondering if he dared speak. He reached out and touched her arm. "Neela?"

A sigh escaped her, her voice wavering with emotion.

"For years I've been alone, I've never needed anyone..." she turned to face him "til now."

He could see how torn she was in her eyes. She must be terrified, as was he. As she started to speak again he pressed his finger to her lips. "Shh."

He replaced his finger with a soft kiss, his body embracing hers. The warmth of his body felt so good around her, almost relieving. She couldn't help it, she wanted him so badly. She wrapped herself around him, loosing herself in him. Their tender kiss turned to passion. Their hands roaming each others bodies. Nickorad stopped suddenly, pulling her away from him. She looked surprised, almost hurt.

"Wait," he whispered. "I don't want you to do this. I'm not going to let you do something you'll regret."

Her eyes searched his. She found a soft gentle look she hadn't noticed before. Did he feel the same? Did it matter? She wanted him now, she needed him to fill her soul.

"I regret nothing." her words floated around them as she led them back to the fire. They kneel in front of each other on her bedroll. She reached for the buttons upon his shirt, slowly unbuttoning them, one by one, exposing his golden flesh beneath. His shirt quickly came off, having lost most of the buttons in her repair of his shoulder. She gently ran her fingertips over his healing wound. Nickorad's breath caught as she leaned in and brushed her lips over the trail her fingers had made. Her lips traveled up his shoulder, peppering his neck, searing up to his lips.

His hands caressed up her arms, reaching for her shirt buttons. As her shirt fell apart, he broke their kiss, his hand having reached something between her breasts. They both glanced down at the key in his hand from the chain around her neck. The metal was warm from her body in his palm. A quizzical look came upon Nickorad's face.

"I just couldn't let it go."

He dropped the key and ripped the rest of her shirt from her body, his lips feathering her now naked shoulder. Her nails trail down his back as she enjoys the feelings he stirs within her. This was more than just a lusting, this was passion.

She tucked her legs to the side as Nick lay her down upon her back. His kisses making their way down her shoulder. His warm hand cup her breast, gently flicking the pink rosy bud. Neela closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips upon her other breast, slowly tugging and nipping. Her breasts felt cold as he left them, trailing to the edge of her pants.

He slid his hands down her hips, taking her pants with him. His hands made their way down to her toes, slipping her boots and pants off with one motion. She lay there before him, in her naked glory. His eyes drank her all in.

"You are so beautiful." the words seemed to catch in his throat. Neela reached for the tie of his pants. With a simple tug they came loose, sliding from his hips. He stood, letting them pile at his feet, displaying his own nakedness. He was glorious standing there.

He stood there for a moment as her eyes caressed his body. She raised her hand, beckoning him to her side. His rough hand took hers. She pulled him down, his body laying upon hers. She could feel his hardness pressing into her leg, he was as ready as she was. She pressed her body into his, but he wasn't giving in just yet. He resumed his position at her hips. His tongue searing a path from hip to hip. His hands spreading warmth across her body. When he reached her soft, supple mound, he paused a moment. She felt the warmth of his hands move to her thighs.

She gave into him as he pressed her legs apart, exposing herself to him. She quickly lost her modesty as his lips pressed against her wetness. A low moan escaped her, his tongue flicked out and grazed her hard nub. Her hands reach down and hold his head in place as he tortured her body so well. His tongue swirled around and around her nub, darting in and out of her now dripping nest. A small passionate scream escaped her lips as she felt his hand below his chin. Oh what he did to her. His fingers match the rhythm of his tongue. Her body let loose a shutter of ecstasy as he brought a finger tip up to circle her hot entrance. She ached for him, she wanted all of him and she wanted it now.

But he still wasn't giving in. He was enjoy himself, burring himself in her body, the sweet smell of her, the way she tasted. He sucked in on her nub as he thrust his finger deep inside her body. His body quickly became even more ridged as he felt how hot and tight she was. Neela squirmed beneath him as his lips and fingers went in and out of her body. Before she knew what was happening, she felt the first wave of pleasure over take her. She thrust her body against his hand, pressing him in deeper. Her hands bury in his hair, as if hanging on. Her low moans turned into a primal groan as her body jerked with pleasure. She came with a loud screech, echoing across the plains. It was minutes later before she came to her senses again. Her eyes locked with his as he brought himself back to her side.

Her lips met his, she could taste her body upon them. It only heightened her passion, her hand trailing to his hip. His muscles rippled beneath the touch of her soft hand. His body was hot to her feel. She reached her hand down, trailing to his taunt stomach, dipping lower still. She grazed her fingers through the curls, finding the hardness nestled there. With a quick grasp she gave him a hardened squeeze. A forced breath escaped him with pleasure.

Neela inched herself down till she was gazing at his magnificent manhood. Gently her lips nipped at his tip, listening to his enjoyment as her teeth grazed him. Her hot tongue flicked out, torturing and swirling around him. Ever so slowly she took him full into her mouth. Nickorad's hand reach down to caress her head. His breath quickened as she pressed her lips together, she could feel him getting even harder within her mouth's searing confines. A cold breeze washed over him as she released him, only to warm him again as she dipped back down. Over and over again she took him in, using her tongue in wicked ways. Her hands stroked down his hips and legs, nails drawn like a cat. His body shuddered beneath her. Neela released him and drew herself up once more to lay at his side.

"Wild cat" he whispered in her ear as he rolled her to her back. With a wicked smile she gave him a low purr, sending his lust to new heights. His wants became needs as he embraced her beneath him. Her head tossed back, her silver hair pillowing her. She could feel his steel hard manhood pressing against her. He looked deep into her eyes, as if asking a question that was unspoken. Her body was on fire with desire for this man. Him and him alone. As she gazed sincerely back at him, seeing her own reflection in his eyes depths, realizing this wasn't just about satisfying a sexual desire anymore. It had gone farther, so much farther.

"I love you." It took Neela a moment to realize the words had come from her own lips. Her look of shock mirrored the one on Nickorad's face. She searched his eyes once more, it was the time of truth. He said not a word, but his body said it for him. He gently reached up and caressed her cheek where a single tear had lain. His lips met hers, a kiss so passionate the world around them disappeared.

With a quick thrust they both gasp as he entered her body. Her tight, hot folds enveloped him, taking him deep within her. Her nails dug into his broad shoulders. His hips started a rhythm, in and out of her supple body. She squeezed him within her, milking his hardness. Their bodies became one, moving in time together. In and out of her, he tortured. Each time pressing deeper within her, bringing her to knew heights she didn't know existed. She grasp onto him, her hands cupping his against his hips. He leaned down sending kisses across her shoulders, his arms holding him above her body.

"Ride me." he whispered in her ear. "I want you to bury me deep inside you."

She was reluctant to let him go, but he rolled away from her onto his back. The cold breeze rushed between them. Her rosy nipples stood erect from the chill. She tossed her leg over him, straddling him from above. She brought her hands down on either side of his head, her body on all fours above him. His manhood jutted up from his curls, now glistening wet from her juices, mere inches from the warm folds of her body. A teasing grin splayed her face. A twinkle in her eye told Nick he might be sorry he asked for this. He grinned back at her as she lowered her hips slowly down. Warmth spread through him as he felt her body come closer, his tip on the verge of penetrating her body.

"You are a tease" he moaned to her.

"Why, cuz I do this?" With that she lowered her body down farther, taking just over the tip of him inside her. He pressed his hips up, begging for more, but she wasn't giving. Neela quickly jerked her body back up, almost taking him completely out of her warmth. She noticed his moan of disappointment as she did so. He reached down, resting his hands upon her hips. With a mighty thrust he brought his hands down to meet his hips. His thick rod thrust inside her. She groaned with pleasure.

"Cheater..." she whispered through her ecstasy. She rocked her body back and forth upon his. His cock moving in and out of her body, rubbing her most sensitive places. His hands guided her hips upon his body directing them into rhythm. She sat up upon him, gasping as his body reach so far inside her she thought she'd explode from the feeling alone.

Her hands lay across his chest, flicking his nipples as she rose her hips up and back down. The cold air rushed between them, freezing their wet flesh, only to be warmed again as her hips met his. The sensation proved to be too much. Neela threw herself back down upon his chest as her body started to shake. Her mind seemed to float away as her body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure. A scream worked its was from deep in her chest, she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Nickorad's hips jerked under her, forcing himself deeper, deeper, slamming into the very insides of her hot box. Her spasms of orgasm squeezed him tighter than ever before. He couldn't stop himself from holding back any longer. As Neela felt his hot seed fill her body and could no long squelch back her scream of ecstasy.
Her voice floated on the winds rushing past them. Very slowly her body's shaking subsides, her nails release their hold upon his skin. He folds his arms tightly around her body, hugging her in a warm embrace. It seemed an eternity before they released each other. Rolling to the side, they grinned exhausted at each other. The key that had brought her so much anger slid to lay upon her Neela's breast between them. Nick reached down and ran a loving finger across it.

"I couldn't let it go." she breathed. They fell into a sweet slumber, they're bodies still linked together.

It was late in the evening when Neela awoke. Nickorad was still asleep beside her. She quietly slipped from beneath his arm, tossed her shirt over her chilled body and headed for the edge of the pond. The breeze caressed her face. She sat for a moment, her toes playing in the cool waves of the water. She didn't notice Nick lean in behind her. He startled her as he leaned in and gently kissed her neck. She turned to look at him with twinkling eyes.

"You're an amazing woman Neela." he paused for a moment, looking far into the pond's waters. "And I love you."

Her heart soared at the words. She lean back to rest upon his chest, her arms hugging around his head as he glanced back at her. They kissed gently. Something in the water caught her eye. As she closely examined it she realized it was a pink blossom, flitting across the water's surface. She glanced up in amazement. The once dying and decaying tree now had green leaves, it's bark a healthy sheen, and it was covered in the most beautiful feather pink blossoms. The wind whispered to her once more. "Your spirit is blossom."

Sweet takes a deep breath then looks out the window to a new day dawning

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very elegantly written story
evocative, enticing, erotic

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Sweet smiles and thanks you.

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