One hot day  

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4/13/2005 12:16 pm

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One hot day

It was a day like all others it was hot and didn't look as if it were going to cool off any, so i decided to take a walk in the wooded area behind our houses seeing as to how the trees would give shade and cool me off, well while walking i came across a tall dark haired man he was magnificent he had the coldest blue eyes i had ever seen and was a dark copper color his hair was long but very clean he reminded me of the indians in the novels i read i stood stareing at him he smiled and said hi my names john i smiled back, he asked if it were ok if he was in these woods he liked to paint nature pics i said sure and we atarted to walk together after a while he held my hand and i turned to him and i knew i had to have him i asked him if it was ok if i kissed him he smiled and pulled me into his strong arms and kissed me long and hard his tongue was so hot and hard it seemed as if the kiss would never end, i moaned deep into his mouth and he started to feel my breasts thru the thin top i had on and i knew my nipples were really hard i could feel the wetness between my legs and i so desperatly wanted to feel his mouth and fingers there.... well gotta run will cont. this later

ltjo2xd 59M

5/26/2005 9:12 am

I've often wondered what others think about as they bask in the warmth of a new spring day. I've always enjoyed the pleasure of bringing myself to orgasm, whether someone was there with me or I was by myself. There is something about the control that one has as they set their own mood, tempo and thoughts to reach that pinnacle.

The other day I found myself enjoying the mid-afternoon sun and suddenly thinking about how I was getting wet from the warmth on my body. I couldn't resist from removing my clothes and thinking back on an encounter or two that I have had along the way. As I did the radiance and energy of the sun built up in me and a wonderful erection emerged. I slowly started to stroke myself and closed my eyes to let a memory from the past fill my mind.

Several years ago I found myself in the backyard hot tub with a friend during a party she and her husband were having. As coversation sometimes does it turned more and more sexual. I recall then, as I am thinking now, how hot I was becoming with all the conversation. We had all had several drinks so the mood was not hard to find.

As I continued talking with Linda and looking at her I began stroking my cock and telling her how it felt. She was shy about it at first, but after a few minutes became more comfortable with is as she knew that it wouldn't progress past masturbation. The bubbles were popping all around us as the others at the party mingled back and forth. Some across the yard and some just feet away. Even with all the people around there was a sense of separation for the two of us - like we were suspended in our own place where no one could see us or hear us.

From across the tub she exended her leg and gently began to caress the inside of my legs and up to my ass. I could feel her foot as my hand started continued to pump up and down. She looked at me and asked me if it felt good and I nodded that it did. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she responded by slowly raising her hips to just below the waterline where I could see that she had one finger inside of herself and another gently caresssing her swollen clit. As she lowered herself back in the water I responded by gently arching my back until the tip of my cock was at the water and we could both see my hand stroking up and down and the water splashed slightly at the top of each stroke.

It was obvious that we were going to get off with each other at that point and the conversation focused almost entirely about just that. She wanted me to pick up my pace and tell her want it felt like to stroke my cock. I wanted her to tell me how she was feeling and about the sexual tension that was building in her body. We spent what must have been fifteen mintues gazing in each others eyes and slowly bringing ourselves closer and closer...slowing down and then back to almost cumming.

The hot tub was backed up against the house and I was sitting on the side with the house to my back. As I was looking at her she told me that she was about to get off and that she wanted to watch me cum as she did. I was already on the brink and had been for some time, but enjoying the moment so much that I didn't want to finish too early. She was obviously picking up her pace and told me that she had several fingers in her pussy and was rubbing her clit rather hard now. I could see her right arm above the water moving back and forth and she started to hunch forward to toward the middle of the hot tub blocking the view from the other guests as I raised my trobbing cock to the top of the water.

As I pushed my cock through the surface my hand was pumping hard and fast now. She did her best to keep her eyes open, but as she climaxed they closed. She looked as if she was in total bliss with every ounce of tension streaming from her body. She opened her eyes just long enough to see my hand furiously pumping myself as she moved forward just a bit more almost directly over me, and ever so slightly opened her mouth and let her tongue emerge. I exploded straight up with some of the stream being deflected off the water and some off her chin and cheek.

After several seconds we both sat back all the way and I watched her as she smiled and took a handful of water and splashed in on her cheeks and lips with both hands. She glistened from the freshness of her release and water dripping off her face.

I've often wondered what others think about as they bask in warmth of new spring day. For me that day I couldn't help think about a time before where the warmth of the water had turned into a memory of my life.

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