show some respect.  

rm_suntatt02 55F
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6/24/2006 6:50 pm
show some respect.

ok, here it is in plain english boys and girls; if you set something up to meet someone, show them some respect. if your cell goes off while you're with that person and you're setting up a meet with someone else, that's a lack of respect. not to mention, really idiotic!!!! no no no, stuuuu-pid!!!!! cuz odds are that person will get up and haul ass out of there. my advice is that the cell gets turned off or ignored...let them leave a voicemail and get back to them later. unless it's your kids; anyone else and just ignore them.

the person your meeting deserves your undivided attention. doesn't matter if you think it'll work with them or not. at least get to know them a bit since you're already there. DON'T BE AN ASS!!!!! pay attention to that person. you go through all the time and effort to set something up and then treat them that way??? nope, just doesn't fly at all. sheeeeeez. use some common sense. everyone wants to feel special and how can you do that when the other person's got the damn cell to their ear setting up another meet???? wouldn't make me feel too special. how about you??

thank you and good night!

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