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rm_suntatt02 55F
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8/23/2006 3:18 pm
another blog...

well, i just went into my home and found that i sposedly don't have any blogs and no comments. that's weird. do they go through and clean out the less active blogs in here???

i'm not real sure what this one will be about...i'll know when i get there. LOLOL. i do know that i'm hornier than all get out and looking for some sweet woman to take care of me and visa versa. it's a hard row to hoe in this place in order to meet with anyone suitable. but i've been on it so long that i just can't give up now. it's like reading a book that starts out real slow and boring...eventually, you're gonna stick with it to see if it gets better. LOLOL. i mean who knows, it might turn out that there's some delicious female out there who wants to actually play a bit. i dreaming about that???

well, that's all for today. y'all have a great day and happy hunting. LOL. *kisses*

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