Naughty Adventures of Jack, Chapter One  

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Naughty Adventures of Jack, Chapter One

Jack was a tall dark and handsome man in his late thirties worked for a boring computer company in the bay area. Shelia was a breath of fresh air that caused everyone to smile when she entered the room. Her playful laughter carried across the office and she always turned heads of those walking by. Shelia, a petite woman, with large breasts, dressed in low cut outfits, so low that Jack had occasionally spied her dark areola.

Jack stood at Shelia's desk looking down at the papers on her desk but more importantly down the front of her low cut blouse hoping once again to see a nipple. He felt his member pushing at the front of his business slacks and found he was having trouble hearing what she was saying. Her full lips a few inches from his now straining cock, Jack could not help but think of how she would look with his cock in her hot mouth and her big brown eyes staring at the look of ecstasy on his face.

"What do you think, Jack?" Shelia said breaking his daydream. Jack looked at Shelia but she was smiling at the bulge in his trousers.

"Errrr....Ahhhh....I'm not sure what do you think, Shelia ?" Jack mumbled completely lost to any technical discussion they might be having.

"Phone call on two Jack", Jack's secretary, Darlene called to him.

Damn, she's always interrupting thought Jack. He had an idea it was on purpose to interrupt his conversation with Shelia. Secretaries are so jealous thought Jack.

Jack went back to his office. A few minutes later Shelia knocked on his door and slipped in closing the door behind her while Jack continued his conversation on the phone.

Shelia had a devilish grin as she stepped up a within a few inches Jack's face a untucked her breast from her blouse. Jack quickly made up an excuse to get off the phone.

Wasting no time Jack sucked her breast swirling his tongue around her nipple over and over. Shelia panted lightly, "ohhhhh Jack, I waaaannnnt you soooo much" she softly moaned as Jacks hand came to rest on her inner thigh. Her legs straddled his knee and she placed her heated crotch on his muscular thigh and a light orgasm rippled through her body. She had toyed with this man in what seemed like forever and now was time deliver. She unzipped his slacks and placed her hot moist mouth over his rock hard cock. Her wet saliva covered his nob and he quivered with excitement as she first sucked his cock deep into her mouth as far back into her throat as she could take it. Jack moaned and his body shook as she then took his cock out of her mouth and with one hand on his balls began to thrust her mouth on then off his cock. Fucking his cock with her mouth over and over, fuck, fuck, fuck. Jacks breath sucked between his teeth each time she sucked him and the sound of his cock in her mouth made a unique sucking sound. Suck, suck, suck the rhythm went on and on. She first took his thick love stick dripping with her saliva into her mouth then pulled it out. In and out, in and out, blowing softly on the end, her tongue swirled about the tip tasting his pre-come drop. She now gripped the base of his cock and began to stroke the base up and down quickly. She tightened her grip to make sure she had time to further his pleasure before he blew his load. She could feel his member starting to swell and was so intent she barely heard the knock on Jack's door.....

OK ladies your turn, what happens next? Post what you think Shelia is feeling in this story.....

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