Jack goes to Prison  

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9/4/2006 3:09 pm
Jack goes to Prison

Jack found himself dressed in gray prison pants and shirt. A tall man of well over 6 feet with brown hair he stared at the solid concrete walls of his cell and wondered how he had made his way to this place. He had been found guilty in the courts very quickly and stared in stunning disbelief as he had been found guilty of having sexual adulterous thoughts about women of which he was not married to of which he’d been sentenced to 25 years in solitary confinement.

A huge black guard rattled the steel bars at his cell door opened with a sharp clang. From behind the huge guard stepped a petite blond dressed in dark gray drab prison garb of the issued for correctional officers in the prison system. Her beautiful face brightened the drab cell like a bolt of sunshine even through she had a very serious look on her face. Her perfectly shaped hard breasts pushed against her uniform creating a gap between the buttons and the cool cell temperature had resulted in two points showing where her nipples were pushing the fabric.

“Take his shirt off and cuff him to the chair, Sergeant” She barked the order and the huge black guard lumbered forward and ripped off Jack’s shirt and roughly stretched his arms behind his back, before cuffing his wrists. Jack was fit and worked out but the sergeant was enormous and handled him like a toy.

“That will be all, Sergeant” said Jill, the correctional officer. Jill had spied Jack the first moment he had arrived at the prison and immediately became wet with the thought that she would have him before long. She had laid in bed the night before and plotted her idea. Each time she thought about him last night her hand had wandered down between her legs and she had finger banging herself a couple times but, it just wasn’t quite the same though as having a hard cock slide inside her. She wanted this shirtless man dressed in gray prison pants badly.

“You’ve been bad, Jack” Jill whispered sexily into his ear as she held his short hair behind his head, “and I plan to interrogate you” with that she licked his ear and her hand slipped across his hairy chest.

Need input from lady viewers. What happens next?

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