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rm_stubbskirk 47M
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5/20/2006 8:24 am
Update to last post

I had better explain my self the reason I am looking when my wife is out of town thier are sevral I do not want to take a chance of losing my family so I need to be discreet and what a beter time 2nd reason she is going with her girl friend from collage I am not sure if thier is any thing going on with them but I do have my suspisions her girl frien has not been married for 16 years never had a guy friend that I know about this could just be my wishfull thinking as long as she dose not leave me for her my wife could play all she wants I would not care I want to play also it would make aresex life much more interesting when she gets back I will try to find out more any ideas on how to aproach this I would like some sugestions

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