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3/1/2006 5:29 am

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Need to understand

I guess I am just wanting to let off a little steam right now so bear with me. My partner and I joined AdultFriendFinder to find and meet couples to have "play time" with. Our time is limited with work and all and like to plan our meetings carefully. We get to know a couple through yahoo chats, sometimes phone calls and then if everything clicks we plan on meeting you. Please tell me why when you are winked or emailed you say you only meet on the first date and do nothing?? Can't you put that in your profile so people know this ahead of time?? That way we can decide when we read your profile if thats what we want also.... We just met a couple who are like us too. We will chat a little get to break the ice with talking and then plan on a meeting time and place for "play time"....This is refreshing to see it again....If this is what you want then more power to you. But please be honest enough and put it in your profile..... See I said I wanted to let off a little steam,,,, thank you....

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3/1/2006 7:33 am

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