Sex !!! whats your position?  

rm_storm3983 44M
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6/7/2006 6:03 pm

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9/25/2006 11:22 pm

Sex !!! whats your position?

Hi there again, i was thing about all the different positions there are, and was wondering what others of you out there liked or what they like done to them? I love have my hands tide to the bed and have a woman play with me and then i can do the same to them but take my time, make it last for hours not just that it and its my turn again! I love to make love or have sex depending on the person for hours not minuets. what do you like doing and whats the position for you??

Ps From behind is another great one!!!

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6/7/2006 6:38 pm

Hi, well let's see I have plenty of favorite positions but the number one position for me is.....Me on to grind and roll my hips...slowwwww....

Take care....~D~

imcurious1987 30M

6/8/2006 6:17 pm

I dont know what its called, but her on her side with one leg forward, while i saddle her other leg and sort of tae her from behind is my fav.. It used to make my ex cum almost instantly... and that got me off big time!

esseneff1000 106F
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9/21/2006 1:41 pm

Currently my favorite is doggie style. I love to feel a mans hands grabbing and holding on to my hips.

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