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12/25/2005 12:00 am

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"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a pattern so grand and complex. Time after time we lose sight of the way, our causes can't see their effects." So, 1:30am, Christmas morning...drinking bloody marys and beer...nuff said? One never misses having a family so much as times like these. I guess the combination of alcohol and listening to Steve Vai has put me in a philosophical mood. Thats not so interesting is it? I need LSD right now...Been too long since my consciousness got a kick start. Ever wonder what your true purpose is in life? What do we really hope to prove during our time here..some folks seem to have a natural knack for finding their place in the cosmos, authors, scientists, musicians and revolutionaries. What about you and I? DO you know anyone that has really made a mark on the planet? Would Gandhi or Davinci have spent their spare time on the Internet? How can we make a difference in the world today? Recycling, protesting injustice, aaah, fuck it...Happy holidays..fuck you all and to all a good night.

SinDandFrJohn 54M/57F
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9/6/2007 5:49 am

you were just experiencing loneliness and man's quest for meaning in life. most people find that meaning through religion or spirituality - or some other outlet. yes, often, i have the same questions as you do.

no one should be alone at christmas. please let me know if you are this year. you are always welcome to spend it with john & I. I have a large family, so you would fit right in! xox sinD

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