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3/13/2005 9:05 pm

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day job

Maybe some day I'll find myself at a conference nearby. Hotel rooms are big and empty. They make me instantly horny despite this fact. Once I'm checked in and done the perfunctory check of the mini-bar, I'd log on and wait to see her smiling face pop up on YIM. When I see it, I'd jab at the keyboard..."I'm at the Westin. Can you see me tomorrow at lunch time?"

A daytime meeting is most convenient. She's married and is out during the day for work and it gets me out of yet another long conference session. I'm nervous all morning; I get aroused as I wait for her in my room. I have never seen her in person; but we've chatted at length. I'm not sure what to expect or what to do.

When I hear a knock on the door, my heart races. I open it and it is her, face framed in dark hair, green eyes looking straight at me. I step back and she walks in the room. I close the door behind me without saying a word.

We both walk into the room; she turns around and looks at me. I see her eyes glance down and observe how hard I am. She's wearing a dress. I reach out and lift it up and see that she's not wearing panties, I see the dark tuft of hair, the soft part of her inner thigh. I push her against the wall and drop to my knees. I grab one of her legs and lift it so that it rests over my shoulder and I bury my face into that sweet pussy of hers that I have imagined for so long. I run my tongue alongside her lips and circle her clitoris. Her skin is warm; she is thoroughly wet. I suck her clit into my mouth and slide a finger into her ass and hear her sigh. I want to her to cum; I want to hear it and see it and feel it...I suck her clitoris between my lips and flit my tongue around it; I slide two fingers deeper into her ass and I can feel her tense...she stops breathing,then her muscles tighten and begin to tremble. "Oh, God..." she says as the orgasm overtakes her.

Complete, she makes me stand up. I reach down, unzip my pants and pull out my cock. She drops to her knees and sucks it into her mouth. She slides her head back and forth and cradles my balls in the palm of her hand, caressing them as she takes me in her mouth. I am rock hard, throbbing, on the verge of cumming in just a few moments...I can feel my balls swelling, the cum preparing to be thrust out....right then she slides her finger into my ass and slides my cock deep into her warm mouth and I explode in a wild orgasm, filling her mouth with hot cum, trembling over every inch...

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