Recollecting Breasts  

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2/20/2005 3:58 pm

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Recollecting Breasts

G’s form is different than the form of other women I have shared time with. Her body is fuller, rounded, more sumptious. I imagine her skin and the flesh beneath is soft, warm and dry. She has dark freckles on the broad, flath swath of flesh above her breasts that is revealed between the collar of her shirt, with the top two buttons unbuttoned. Her breasts are the size of grapefruit, large and round, soft enough to shift in form with the subtle movements of her body. Her buttocks, intuited from beneath her jeans, are perfect half circles when viewed from the side. I imagine two brown loaves of bread, or kneaded dough.

Her hair is fair, so her nipples must be pale, I imagine them as the color of salmon, perfectly round like a gold coin. Her stomach is the type where her rippled muscles cannot be seen - rather, when lying on her back, their is a small hillock of flax encircling her navel, and a gradual slope down into the creamy white valley between her hips and on to her autumn colored pubic hair that rises from the valley like a distant monument (or burial ground).

Between her legs is the holy of holies, the chamber within the temple where only the select can go. Place your hands upon her knees and gently spread those legs, and the curtained doorway is revealed. Push them out further, and the curtain parts to make way for the sacrifice in the land where milk and honey flows.

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