Sex + Dual  

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8/16/2006 7:22 am
Sex + Dual

Sex + Dual [ two ] - Sexual - '' One ness '' of male and female bodies
Spirit [ one ] + ritual - Spiritual

bodies and ''Conciousness ''

Oneness Physical level - Sex

Spiritual level - Meditation

Physical level - Sex :

When a male and a female touch each others body , Kiss , Hug ,Caress, and do coupulation , both the male and Female forget their bodies, and enjoys indescribable pleasure in '' ONE NESS ''.

Pleasure secret is conciousness of '' ONE NESS ! ''

Spiritual level - Meditation :

The meditator trying to meditate on the Spirit or Space to achieve '' ONE NESS '' overcomes the body conciousness which creates duality ..

'' I am Manmatha** among those indulging in Sex '' - Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita ! ,
[ This verse of the Gita should be understood in the right way , It is nature which creates the Sex drive in a human being !, Nature again is created by God ! This is the Hindu philosophy .]

Then why people world over feels that Sex is not the end ?

Because someone said , '' We are all Spiritual Beings !Having a Human Experience ! ''


Tantra - Please read a reliable author !
Kama Sutra - Author - Vatsyayana , a saint who wrote this classic several centuries ago ! He saw it as an artistic, metaphysical act , leading to spiritual truth step by step !

These books enable to get the '' Best out of Sex '' Pleasure long lasting !
They talk about achieving pleasure or bliss for ever ! ,step by step through certain methods , the Sex act reduced ! as the pleasure is increased and retained and at the end leading to ''Total sexual satisfaction'' or ''Total peace'' by achieving '' ONENESS OR AWARENESS ''

It seems it is the cause for Indians living with one man ; One woman principles .

Photo on the left is Shiva Linga symbolic of the union of the male and female genitals , worshipped in the temples being the cause for creation of new lives on earth . This should be seen with respect and spiritually .

IMPORTANT NOTE; * One should fully understand the Texts, in the right context ,This should be seen metaphysically and spiritually .

*Famous hypocrate - Osho Rajneesh .

eatwell65 63M

8/16/2006 7:56 am

I'm into meditation. I'm also increasingly into my bi nature, which I resisted for many years, though I experimented occasionally. I'd love to suck your cock for a sustained period--yours from cumming, mine in sucking. Then after you properly recovered from cumming down my throat, you'd meditate again by sucking me. We could do 69 but I like the concentration that cums from being sucked or sucking.

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