on a desert island with edits  

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on a desert island with edits

On a desert island with fresh water, plenty of beach and angelic weather. Nude we walk and explore our surroundings, the sea breeze gently grazing our bodies while, the warm sun provides clothing. (I LIKE this idea… expand on it with something like, “ Like Adam and Eve, we wonder through our paradise, revealing in our freedom and sensuality. But, with all the carnal knowledge of our natural being! As we walk, we tease each other, you snatch and lead me around by my stiff cock, and I nip your nipples.?? We stride on, into the jungle. We follow a small stream running out into a lagoon. As we follow up stream and find a pathway running parallel with the flowing water which reminds me of your gushing love hole and the sweet, sweet fluid your lovely pussy produces. And I gaze at your scrumptious body, and you notice that my hungry eyes are on you. All of nature is as aware of you. You and I are exposed to it! To the plants, the life all beholds to us. My gaze is like velvet on your beautiful skin; my eyes are burning with lust. Your vagina look as if it is on fire, you squat placing you hands behind your back holding your hips up, sticking your knees up and out. Your pussy is parting as if you are blowing kisses to me in the air. But it’s the intense heat from you flower that needs to be laid open to the sky. Not to cool but to burn down the entire forest with you’re hot smoldering opening. Your entire presence is filling me up! Your breasts are seductive and tremendous. Your areolas are large and full your nipples are hard as walnuts. The smell of your dripping wet fuck shaft is now filling the jungle air and is now driving us insane with want. I come over and make you stand back up. Your pussy is so hot that you must squat ever so slightly, you ass sticking out and you boobs out front. You are so hot.??As we walk further into the bush, we come into a clearing. The jungle opens up to reveal what seems to be an open structure with statues. The clearing is shaped like a rectangle, with two statues on either end facing inward. The clearing is small but the facing statuary is at least 20 feet tall. One statue is of a female, facing the other squatting legs apart. And the other one is male. Between the stone sex couple is an altar about four feet high and, the entire area, statues and everything is as smooth as glass, jade. No corners everything is rounded out easy and warm to the touch. We gasp as we examine "him" protruding from the front of his waist is a five-foot phallus, which arouses us both. And the goddess! In between her open legs, a hole deep enough for her silent but strong god. We “rim” her open sex shaft. The silken feel of her opening sends us reeling. It’s as if a river of love juice is flowing out of her, spraying us with her scent. I feel like my skin can’t feel enough! The air around us is giving pleasure. And with it, our bodies become wild with movement! You spread your legs wide! Point your toes straight out and up skyward. I sense that your body is now alive in this atmosphere of SEX!
?We are now exploring, touching and posing ourselves in front of these impressive gods. We must obey our hungry flesh. I’m lying on my back on the smooth floor of this temple, my back arched, my cock standing tall in honor of our male master. I lie watching you dance sensually over me. The aroma of your fragrant blossom evokes the most primal instincts in our souls. And by instinct we begin to perform our own fuck ritual for our fine hosts. We are now their love slaves. We stand before them awaiting their bidding, with you pressed behind me and as though by her command, we face our goddess then you take my cock in your hand and squeeze it gently. It’s hard and smooth to the touch. I move my hips around, grinding, letting you exhibit my manhood to her. You shout to her highness, “ This man belongs to me! I offer him to you!” You grind with me, and point my cock right at her dark opening. You are whispering in my ear, “ Give it to her! Give it!” “Take it, ohhh take my love rod into your mouth my love....” I whisper right back. “Take it and feel my ass muscles taught and ready!”

? ?I pull you lovingly by your hard nipples toward our hard and stiff male. We stand before his erect pride, and I lie you down, and spread your legs wide. Your beautiful naked body is free from all inhibition. The god statue is staring at your womanhood, which is gushing like the stream going into the lagoon. "HMMMMMMMMM" I'm kneeling behind you, holding your knees up, opening your love lips to our Sex God! I see your pussy is wet! Ohhhhhh.... Let me adorn it! I pick a flower and cut the long stem off with my teeth, leaving the flower and a little part of the stem attached. And I take it, and stick the flower into your wet love hole. Adorning your love petals with the petals of the jungle flower. You’re presenting the flower with your wet vase to our god, as is to invite him to smell. Your cunt is swollen and dark, your pussy lips are long and reaching out needing the touch of a lover. I take the flower out of your loving pond and take my long tongue, and dip into the honey of my goddess. I kiss your most secret spot. Kiss it passionately. Every part of our bodies is now touching. Passions take me... And I begin to worship your total splendor. You are magnificent, and I caress every bit of your vulva with my ravenous mouth. Sweet nectar is pouring out of your passion well. I face your pussy straight on holding your thighs up, I close in on your opening, and my fingers open your lips wider, exposing your naked love hole.

How delicious! My long tongue now flicking your open womanhood. My lips are pulling your long and swollen labia and sucking in your hot and stiff clit. You feel my tongue probing into your well. Deeper and deeper I go. The taste of sweeter and sweeter fuck juice is coming up. My tongue is now piercing deep inside you! I point it deep into your sweet orifice. A taste of honey on your lips of love, a taste of
Fuck juice on the tip of my lingua, pumping all the oil out of this fertile land of fuck! Your flower is blooming. I see your wonderful honey pot.

Until we burn up. Until we SCREAM! oooohhhhhhhh......oooohhhhhh.....aaaaaahhhhhh. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! ohhhhh we fuck..... slow then?faster...... and faster..... FASTER..... YESSS!!!!

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