Weekend plans  

rm_sqluster1 54M
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6/16/2006 9:35 am
Weekend plans

What do I wnat for Fathers day? Well to start out I will be fucking my wife in the Hot Tub. It is the best place to start a hok fuck session. Behind the house not completely private we jump in start slowly kissing bathing suits will be shed quickly. Our hands will wander each others bodies. I will finger her to an orgasm while still in the tub. She will then stroke me until I am hard and lead me back to the bedroom by my dick. I will then proceed to kiss lick nibble and suck every inch of her body. From head to toe to shoulders, on to her tits, ass, licking and tounging her anus and puss is well lubed again. At this point she will roll over on to me and impale herself on my cock until we both cum hard. The next hour or two will be spent naked in bed just attacking each others bodies.

Suddenly I awaken my fantasy slipping away. What was to be has not come to pass. I guess I will just have to wait for a willing participant to live out this dream and get by with a quickie before she falls asleep again.

Mood if horny and hopeful

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