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8/28/2006 8:14 pm

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i get to go home on thursday for the weekend. that just means more planes and more than likely more delays. we'll see though, i am hoping that i get in on time...i have things to see. i can't wait to see my dog and my family...my mother got together the whole family so i can see them before i go back to sioux for another month...this is getting tiresome, but i only have 4 more months left...2 down already.

the job is going well...my crew is kicking ass, and i am getting along with everyone finally. it has been a tough road, but i think everyone knows the program now.

sioux city AA is cool. got in with this good bunch of people, and they have taken me in as their own. when i get back here after this coming weekend, i am going to be living with this guy i met from the rooms. him and his wife have been nice enough to take me into their home and feed me. AA is world wide baby. i got friends in places i have never even been before...i love that fact and take great comfort in it.

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