Chapter 3 - Romancing by the river  

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2/27/2006 6:57 am

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Chapter 3 - Romancing by the river

Its seldom that I take a day off, just to make arrangements to make time for a date. I won't say this is a special date, but its a date with a wonderful lady whom I so happen to click. After all, I've been spending a bit of time with her and things have been wonderful so far.

1st up, was a nice movie. Pretty cute, had some good laughs along the show. Anyway, DON'T ever catch a show at Eng Wah Suntec. The cinemas kinda small and the seats ain't that great. Then again, the companionship really does make up for all these flaws and I enjoyed throughout.

Why wouldn't anybody love a wonderful lunch at Kenny Rogers? It was a wild suggestion and back to the old school days where we had the muffins, the chicky and of course, their cheese macaroni! Ouch! Sinful it is, but sure fills our tastebud.

The rest of the activites are just simple. A walk in the shopping mall, a game of arcade (Yea, nobody beats me at bishi bashi champ!) finally, a drive back to my date's place to help her with a computer. I ain't no computer wizard, but I did revive a dead laptop. I swore it was dead. But after some magical touches (and configuration) I put everything back to place, so well that I got my "treat" later on.

The real gist of today's entry of the blog ... I had some reservations today during the dinner. Something is definitely not right in the mood and the conversation with my date was really deep. Its a drive down to cozy bay, where we watched the sun set a litl', looking at the evening sky overwhelmed by colours filled with amber and purple. Gee, its a beautiful sight.

She's a wonderful date. In fact of my past encounters with dates, I seldom bring them to cozy bay as its a romantic place in my view and that this mood will only be shared with someone close. Don't get me wrong that I'm showing affections here. I don't fall for anybody so easily. The fact that I'm often so comfortable in her companionship ... sheesh I'm so lost for words again.

The conversation was deep. Pretty thought provoking yet sweet. I wouldn't had expected this kind of reaction from my date usually, but the fact that such a wonderful conversation was exchanged, meant that we do have a certain chemistry. Then again, I don't usually hold nor speak beautiful words, but the bold and honest truth. I don't plan for things far ahead even thou I have long term goals. But my future stands at what I do today, what I want tomorrow ... and how I react consistently to make them come true.

The romance today by the river is truly a wonderful experience which I never felt for a long time already. To you my lady, I really thank you for the companionship. I won't commit to the future, but one thing for sure is that I won't complicate matters nor will I change my beliefs to accomodate for unexpected changes.

My romance will still stay, so will my lust. So will my magical touches that first found its way to you.

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