Chapter 1 - The long return ... Welcome back to the devlish world  

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2/22/2006 9:04 am

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Chapter 1 - The long return ... Welcome back to the devlish world

2 years? 2 years since I returned to blogging again? It ain't that bad. After all, everybody needs some means to vent out their frustration as well. What kind of frustration are we looking at? Anything ... your shit load of frustration, perhaps.

I'm back to the real world. It ain't that simple either way. I was visiting some websites for some "family videos" until I chanced upon this website AGAIN, due to some spyware. Seems that things have improved over here since the past couple of years in this site. I brings me back the memories on the ladies I've known back then.

Nah .. they're a thing of the past. People move on and change, from sex partners to real soul friends. I guess its time to take a foot on the pedal and venture out again. After all, we all need a listening ear some time. I'm sure ladies here too.

By the way, this thread is especially dedicated to the lady whom I've met on Friday. I must say that you're god sent and that you've pulled me out of my slumps of over a year. It was really sweet to be in your companionship and that the time spent together just made me realise the devil in me and how we lustifully attempt to keep up with each other's staminia and pace, finally submitting to exhaustion.

But please remember, I'm always there listening. Even thou the future often changes (not to what we'll expect), but the challenge of facing the future is not daring to dream, but daring to flow according to wind.

You be strong girl, and I look forward to our date on this coming saturday.

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