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rm_softncurvy7 46F
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6/11/2006 2:44 am

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6/13/2006 2:26 am

Wee Hour of the Morning blog

I just sit here and think about the early years with him. Whatever happened to the fun and good things that were US. Did I simply wish and stay in denial of something I wanted that never was there in the first place?!?! I don't know anymore. I only know that here I am as lonely as can be on this site. Is it wrong? I suppose it is wrong but what's a person supposed to do. I'm tired of my rollar coaster relationship.

Things I wanna do and never happen anymore... go on a date, a real one. A nice quiet dinner and some place fun afterwards. What about bringing home some flowers once in a while. They don't have to be store bought... hell, stop your car on the way home and pluck some wild ones! Candle lit dinners... Ever heard of them?!?!? How about a really late night walk along a lake shore or beach or something? What happened to the talking and giggling. How about someone who really truly WANTS to know what I'm thinking or doing. How about asking me how my day or week has been and really really WANT to know about it. I would love a midnight drive to the middle of nowhere to talk, kiss and whatever else might happen. Hay sex is great... oh yeah I LOVE sex... but come on ... there IS a before and after.

Blah... seeing someones BACKSIDE every night in the king size bed gets so so old... and makes one so so lonely.

liveinthenow5 63M
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6/11/2006 5:54 am

hey i got to know that feelin along time ago and thankfully delt with it..... its a very lonely place but there is life and its good. decide what YOU want and NEED

heapatrouble 54M

6/11/2006 9:17 am

I'm having a hard time staying here in front of the computer. If gasoline weren't so much I'd follow a sudden urge to drive to Kansas and pluck a flower! Sounds like you need a whole bouquet, SoftnCurvy.

And I really hate to say offer a solution, because it might help. I like it when there are hot, horny wives out there looking for some on the side. But anyway...

Maybe you should tell him how you feel. If you have done that already, do you have a best friend(s) that he respects and would listen to? When someone like that sits on the couch with him and says "Just an observation from a friend. I've noticed you two lately. It wouldn't hurt to ..." Sometimes when a guy has been with a gal for a while, he starts to filter out some of what she says. If us guys still really care, a message from a good friend like that can often reset our filter and get us listening and acting differently again.

Oh! Caution: Don't get your hottest friend to talk to him! If he's half as aching as you, you don't want them in that intimate eye-locking moment. He might just try to flip her over onto him and plook her right there on the couch!

If he still cares and y'all can communicate, you're both on your way back to good love (and the hot muffin-stuffin sessions that go with it)!


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