1st AFF encounter - Chapter 3  

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8/12/2006 12:07 pm

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1st AFF encounter - Chapter 3

So the officer approached us, she asked if everything was ok. Both "the first lady" and I said everything was fine. "The first lady" said the officer was probably gay so she would leave us alone. And she was right. The police officer went to talk to a bike cop about 20 feet away from us. While they were talking, us two just secretly caressed each other and tried to wait patiently for the 2 cops to leave. They stayed their talking for about 4 minuts, then they went their separate ways. "The first lady" was right, the cop must have been gay! She knew what was going down and she got the other cop to leave us alone. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

So once they left we started tonguing each other down again. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was out in a public place kissing and touchin' a girl. I was really doing it and I was lovin' every minute. Wow! So "The first lady" started rubbing on my thighs again but this time she lifted my skirt. She felt my pussy and commented that it was shaved. She said she liked that. I told her I shaved it just for her. She was pleased She moved her hand from my pussy and over my leg and around to my ass. Yet another thing that she didn't suspect was that I had on a thong. She really liked that. I was getting so horny. You just don't know.

So "the first lady" started talking dirty to me. She took my newly shaven legs and put them in her lap. She started moving her hands up and down my legs. Occassionally she would go up and rub on my throbbing pussy. After a while of teasing me, she finally slipped one of her fingers into my wet pussy. She even commented on how wet it was. I'm telling you I was so horny for this woman! So she fingered me, right there on this bench. But I told her that even though it felt so good she had to slow down because her fingernails were like scratching my very sensitive clit. You'll never believe what my girl did next. She bit off ALL of her fingernails! Now that was impressive. I couldn't believe she did that just for me. As soon as the last fingernail was off, she put her fingers right back in my waiting pussy. This girl is talented. It was so difficult to be quiet while she was fingering me. It felt sooooo good. After she pleasured me, she took her fingers out and I took them into my mouth and sucked each one dry. She liked that. I already know I taste good! We started kissing again (she is a really good kisser) and I started to kiss down her neck. When I did that she was pulling on and pinching my nipples. Then she tried to take off my panties. I was not ready for that. She was very persistent though about removing my panties. She said she couldn't get to my pussy with my panties on. So, I must have told her that the panties were staying on a hundred times. But she wouldn't let up. I even straddled her on the bench so she could suck my luscious titties. This appeased her for a few minutes, but she kept wanting the panties off. Eventually she got her way. The thong came off!


Chocopuss9926 45F

8/23/2006 8:18 pm

Very exciting...I want more also.

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