age is just a number ......  

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9/9/2006 11:34 pm

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age is just a number ......

I have takin a chance with someone that I never would have thought that I would have great sex with.. Once again I am takin by surprise. I was taught not to judge a book by there cover and well I have learned that age isnt always the thing to look for in maturity and growth. This gentleman was inteligent, whitty, charming and very well versed in the manner of words. Let alone the aspects of how to pleasure a woman.
It starts as just conversation and great laughs. We are sittin on the sofa and he reaches up and grabs my hair and pulls to the right pleasure and leans in and bites like a perfectionist. I go weak and am at his whim. We take it to the bedroom and there his hands are magic. They work the spot with percise pressure and stimlutation. I straddle him backwords and ride while he is playing with my clit. We change postitions to where we are standing next to the bed and he is getting me from behind. Now this is a great postition for double stimulation and he knows exactly how to make it happen. His hands are constantly stimulating my clit and over and over and over and all the while he is fucking me from behind. Now for me to have this much stimulation there by a man is new.. ( most men do not know how to pleasure a woman without the thought of getting theres). So I am bent over the bed he has my hands above my head in one of his hands and he has his other hand playing with me.. This is going on for about 30 minutes and I can not handle anymore from cumming from so much stimulation. I had the pressure that with anymore I was going to squirt. Now this is a new feeling for me but I have read enough books to know what the feeling is. I had to make him stop from having me go over board and loose myself in so much pleasure.
So we finish and come to find out that he has came twice and he doesnt go soft afterwards. (woohhoooo) Now we are laying in bad and talking and he starts on me again and I open for him to feel the pleasrue that I know I am going to receive. We play for a few and I get on top facing him.. My legs are weak still from be fucked from behind and all the prior stimlulation. I ride facing him and cumm 3 more times and then he takes and turns me over so he can be on top. He takes control very well.. Not that I am one to giv eup control but it is nice to not have to have it all the time.. He has this way with his manhood. He hits the spot everytime and DAMN he makes you feel like an woman with every stroke he takes.
If you ever get to take on a younger man by all means keep the door open for them at anytime. They will keep surprising you.

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9/10/2006 3:50 am

Holy shit THAT was a HOT story!!!


9/20/2006 5:20 pm

If you saw how smug I was after reading that you would probably hit me..

unknowingforever 32F

9/27/2006 8:32 am

you sound like you are enjpyong yourself...


10/9/2006 8:00 pm

I would like to believe that age doesn't matter, but it seems that it does. I read a great many profile that say that age wise I am incompatible with the other person. I've also read quite a few that say that they are not interested in anyone over 30. I read one profile that said she didn't want a man over 30 because she didn't to have sex with anyone older enough to be her father. She was 24. Sure enough, when ever I decide to send an email anyway, I never get a response. ( I rarely get a response to my emails anyway, but still....) Prehaps it different for women, but I get the idea that for young women, a man over 30 is a senior citzen. It's a little disheartning. It's a damn shame because I work hard to keep myself in good shape, and I'm still a 15 year old at heart.

That was a hot story. I'm very jealous of the man that got the opportunity to have that experience. He is a lucky man indeed.

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