The Saga of Coventry: Part 5 Aftermath  

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The Saga of Coventry: Part 5 Aftermath

The joker remained a constant in L.A. fandom for years. Once I was told “that he never spoke a sentence that didn’t contain at least two puns and a reference”. He was a pleasant enough individual, who I’m tempted to refer to as “wacky” although that’s way too strong a word…. “fey” is probably more like it, although I think that word has certain connotations that I don’t think apply. Always even tempered, with a bizarre sense of humor, turning out bizarre cartoons at random times, it’s easy to understand why the hostilities that landed all around failed to stick to him. He died in fall of 2001, in his 60s.

Ward (who appeared in several of Theo’s books as the head of a rival secret agency) had relocated to San Francisco to die by the time I arrived in Los Angeles fandom. I’m told that it took him several years to do that.

Elizabeth is still alive, still around, and became known as a driving influence involved with the fan group of another science fiction tv series at the time. She is one of the reasons that none of this is to be published in science fiction fandom. She still has enough influence, even all these decades later, that I’m not going to confront her about it.

Les relocated to the Seattle area decades ago, and may or may not still be alive.

Mac disappeared years ago to care for his ailing mother. For all I know, he may still be doing so. (He also distinguished himself among certain individuals in L.A. for the creation of the ITR, a bit of street-theatre that existed in Los Angeles in the interval between the end of Coventry and my entrance into fandom. The ITR stood for “Institute for Temporal Research”, and consisted of a number of fellows who would dress up well (if not necessarily appropriately for their surroundings) and appear in public places, muttering to each other in ways that could be overheard, creating the illusion that they were visitors from the future researching our time period.)

Theo eventually became a writer, responsible for one science fiction novel, and a novelization of a (still) well thought of television series questioning the nature of reality, and about one third of the novelizations of a series of books about a popular tv series about spies from the mid sixties. He died in October, 1977 of “erotic self-asphyxiation”. The death was listed in the police/coroner’s report as “accidental”.

Another major source of information about this was my best friend of 33 years, who was a wealth of information on any number of aspects of the story and was intensely involved, even though I did not reference him in my retelling. There were a number of others who fall into that category (which is to say, not referenced). He died four years ago, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. His passing left a hole in Los Angeles fandom that has yet to be filled (and probably never will be….. he was too many things to too many people, and had fingers in almost every pie that ever baked.) He was one of the reasons this has never been published, because there were in fact too many people who might be hurt if the subject was dredged up again, and he cared too much about them to see that happen. So, while he was willing to share his knowledge with me, it was his desire that I not publish my findings.

There are more pieces that I know existed, but have no way of tracking down any more….. for instance The Guardian’s signature was a symbol, but I no longer remember what the symbol looked like, and wouldn’t know where to begin trying to find an example of it. I’ve given away enough detail here that the actual identities of most of these people could be determined, but I can’t imagine anyone bothering to do so, because they would all just be names and faces not relevant to anyone in this audience.

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