The Saga of Coventry: Part 3 The Guardian  

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The Saga of Coventry: Part 3 The Guardian

I never did find out where the idea started, but someone came up with the idea that use of this new wildly experimental, but then still-legal psycho-active (the term psychedelic would not exist for years yet) substance called lysergic acid diethylamide might be useful in assisting the user to “flipback” to the other place (there was even a gesture, which I never have been able to reproduce, done with one hand, to represent the concept of “flipback”. Most of the people interested in attempting this were in their early twenties, were still in the process of finishing school and/or finding their professional niches in the world, and/or were very unhappy with the way their personal live were/weren’t working.

An older gentleman, whom we shall call Ward, somehow caught wind of this would-be development, and was very defensive of one of the young ladies potentially involved in this project. He decided to himself that there was only one way to assure her continued safety–Coventry must be destroyed!

So he recruited a few assistants, and plans were made. One of the assistants shall be referred to as “the joker” (in the personal hostilities and emerged, and which lasted for decades after the results of all of these personal exchanges, only “the joker” ended up being relatively immune from all of the hatred being directed one way and the other, partially because his contributions were relatively benign, and partially because he always had been considered to be “the joker in the deck”. The joker was pretty much of an odd duck anyway; he never was willing to drive a vehicle, because he had foreseen his death in a future life by crashing a space ship into a planet. When I first entered fandom years later, he was not around, as he was off in England being made “clear” by the Church of Scientology (I’d always figured that the Church should have paid him not to be clear, as he was so offbeat as to be considered a negative advertisement for Scientology, but he remained active in it until his death five years ago). The other assistant shall be designated as Mac. Mac was the special agent and “dirty tricks” specialist.

It was determined that an entity would be created, known as “The Guardian”, and that The Guardian would openly declare war on Coventry. The joker supplied The Guardian with inside information, and Mac performed certain “terrorist” activities, and the war was underway. The most outrageous of these was that one of those most strongly opposing the activities of The Guardian got up one morning, and opened his medicine cabinet in the bathroom, only to have a “threatening” note from The Guardian fall into the sink (by “threatening”, I think the message was more on the order of “no place is safe” than any kind of real threat of violence).

Just as most of the activities of Coventry had been through the medium of fanzines, so the activities of The Guardian were also primarily through fanzines, secretly published and surreptitiously distributed to all possible parties.

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*makes popcorn in assorted flavors and sits down to read and munch*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/4/2006 2:58 pm:
OK. I'm done now and interested in finding out what you (and everyone else) thought....

I'm pleased to see that others saw the connection to recent events here..... Good to know that it isn't only in my mind....

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