The Saga of Coventry: Part 2 The Beginning  

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7/1/2006 12:55 am
The Saga of Coventry: Part 2 The Beginning

The story actually begins in Pasadena, California, in 1955 or 1956. Strictly coincidentally, at the time I lived around the block from where it all began, six years old, and preparing to go to first grade. I lived on a street named La Pintoresca. One block to the north is a park which occupies an entire block, and in the center of the park is a library.

Around the block lives a teenager whom we shall call Les. Les has created an imaginary world, based on various science fiction stories and movies, populated with countries out of history. The world is located on a Krell spindizzy, and is divided into countries and empires, much like earth of ancient history.

Les is visited by another teenage science fiction fan, who shall be called Theo. Theo is highly impressed with Les’s imaginary world, and they begin to develop and enlarge the concepts therein. Many of the buildings described in the setup for places in the world are based on actually buildings in Pasadena. Once upon a time, a photo collection existed, showing actual pictures of Conventranian architecture.

Fast forward a few years… Theo is active in a science fiction club in Los Angeles–the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. The organization has existed since 1934, but had recently fallen into hard times. During the 50s, there were meetings where only a handful of people showed up. But during the late 50’s a renaissance has occurred. An attractive woman in her twenties who shall be designated here as Elizabeth got involved and reenergized everything about the organization. She gathered a group of adoring followers, and to some extent, reinvented the organization. Theo had been active for years at this point, and he introduced Les’s imaginary world to many of the others. “Ownership” of the various countries were distributed, and people assumed identities in their own lands, based on the person they wished to be instead of who they were. Many of them started writing stories about their alternate identities and fictional confrontations with others found their way into these stories. Some, but not all, of these confrontations were of a very hostile, or at the very least, rivalous nature. This was to contribute to the conclusion of this experiment, since some people began taking these rivalries wayyyyyy too seriously.

We are dealing with fans here--bright people with varying levels of emotional damage. Some of them found greater satisfaction in these fictional accounts than in their own “real” lives. Within a certain number, a desire emerged to find a way into their imaginary world, and the seeds for disaster were planted.

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