The Heat Must Be Getting To Me.....  

rm_smosmof2 68M
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7/25/2006 1:34 am

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The Heat Must Be Getting To Me.....

First of all, a hint for the casual reader (I'm assuming that anyone who reads me more than casually already knows their way around this place well enough to use the tools)--it took me until about a month ago to learn about the "See Where I'm Quoted" link. This has turned out to be invaluable for being able to keep up an ongoing dialogue with people who have responded to my comments, particularly those who get behind and don't respond for a couple of days.... I'd never think to look three or four days back to see if that random remark ever got picked up....

At 1530 today in Anaheim, it was 100 degrees out. Saturday afternoon, at about the same time, it was 107 in Santa Ana, and up in the San Fernando Valley, it hit 119 in Woodland Hills. The worst part is that it doesn't cool off much at night... makes it hard to sleep sometimes. And on top of that.....

I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I'm closing in on the ten month mark of my forced celibacy program, or if it's because I've just gotten to be so happy with this place lately, and you know what happens when you get too happy with something? It changes. And if it doesn't change, the way you perceive it does.

It started Sunday morning, when saintlianna posted [post 438276]. Between her clever wordplay, and a little push-the-right-button-on-me imagery--arching her back (like a cat), she proceeded to get me turned on. Then I went over to elusive_angel's Monday morning where she posted [post 439398] which damn near made me come in her mouth! And just a few minutes ago Amber posted This is NOT a blog about sex which tightened me up another notch.

I've become so pleased with myself lately. I've become so content with the affection I've been getting, and I'd almost worked my way into the headspace where I could have become comfortable just being one of the girls. Safer that way. They'll freak if I get sexually aggresive, and a whole series of friendships go down the tubes. But suddenly, everybody is starting to look a little more flirtatious, a lot sexier, and I may lose it without warning. Fortunately, swooness hasn't posted anything new lately or I might have gone over there and started a reply while looking at those breasts and turned into a neanderthal knuckledragger and made a complete fool of myself (dammit! I'm finally learning how to spell everybody's names, and I still can't remember who gets capital letters where.....).

(And would that be any worse than making fool of yourself here?)

Yes, it would. This is my place. People coming here can expect me to make a fool of myself....(Back when I was first getting started here, there were a couple of guys who hung around on most of the same blogs I did, making comments everywhere they went. Their comments always seemed to me to just be excuses to come on to the hostess, who always dealt with them politely. I always felf embarressed at the display. The two guys are still around... one of them has toned it down considerably, and the other just doesn't seem to hang around the same places I do. I do see both of them in the slots, so I guess they have an audience out there, even if I don't understand why....) And now there are a couple of others doing much the same thing, if not quite so blatantly....I understand that the one guy has emotional problems to begin with, and the other just seems to be relatively clueless......

Anyway, I've always considered it to be neanderthal knuckledragger behaviour to talk so blatantly sexually to a woman here, unless that was the subject to begin with. My point is that you don't go over to someone elses place and misbehave, unless invited to. I've been to a couple of parties here, at sexydisaster30's and shayeDK's, where outrageous behaviour was part of the scene.... but you don't respond to someone talking about some emotional conflict or other that they're going through by telling them how much you want to fuck them.

Well, I don't anyway....

But all of a sudden, it's like everyone is going into heat at the same time, and I want to remain civil, and at the same time I want to just go apeshit....

But if I'm going to go apeshit, it's going to be here, or on a private email.... I'm not going to make a public display at somebody else's place, unless I've totally lost control.

Or am I being too much of a prude, or something?

catkit13 67F

7/25/2006 2:15 am

hi from a desert rat in arizona - heat? you bet! like your blog, may visit again, ok? bye for now, cat

rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/25/2006 3:59 am:
You're welcome to come back any time...

I kind of curious to see how long I can keep this post-a-day thing going, but the way I keep running off at the keyboard, it doesn't look like it will be a problem, unless the audience starts demanding real content....

moonlightphoenix 46F
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7/25/2006 2:52 am

YOu know, it's funny. I was thinking earlier about how since more people have been reading my blog, I've toned it down sexually quite distinctly. Not sure why.

And's just bad manners to respond to somone's post about nothing sexual, with blatant sexual come ons. But they're easy to spot, and while completely tasteless to me, I figure perhaps they have some sort of established relationship with the blogger that I am not privvy to, and so it's none of my business. Up to the blogger to handle it, unless it's obvioulsy out of hand.

It's funny how protective you can end up feeling about other bloggers, isn't it?? Sometimes something is posted and I'm thinking "Whoa!!That's way out of line!" and it turns out to be some sort of reference to something I know nothing about, and thus not offensive to the blogger at all. Other times it's interesting to see the reactions around me.

anyways....way too late and I'm obviously rambling. Attemtpting to reign it in...

rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/25/2006 4:01 am:
"LOL....oh why put off to tomorrow what you can do today??? C'mon...let 'er rip!!!"

tracy_de_lacy 106F
9268 posts
7/25/2006 4:41 am

I hate when guys come and leave inuendos or requests for sex and meetings or even chats on my blog. I have stated quite clearly on my profile and my blog that I am totally unavailable for anything. I regularly write about my boyfriend.

I also regularly talk about the meets my group have and how we don't swing, rather we meet up for a few beers and a good old laugh at some poor karaoke club. Yet some guys want to come to our meets for sex...go figure. Either they can't read or they are just totally ignorant.

Bye everyone, it was a blast

rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/25/2006 5:27 am:
I've become quite fond of Princess Karma's term for such individuals, "knuckledraggers".....

Unfortunately, we have more than our share, due to the nature of the place. The good part is that most of them don't try it more than a couple of times, then go elsewhere. The ones who don't get the message can just be banned. Too bad you can't do that for your meets....

moonlightphoenix 46F
6508 posts
7/25/2006 9:27 am

"LOL....oh why put off to tomorrow what you can do today??? C'mon...let 'er rip!!!"


rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/25/2006 3:46 pm:
Who, me?


rm_saintlianna 46F
15466 posts
7/27/2006 12:18 am

purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr {=}

rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/27/2006 2:01 am:
stroke the nice kitty.....

curiousinlorain7 60F

7/27/2006 7:57 pm

geez when did the act of being a gentleman get a bad ? I like you visiting my blog...if I get any say in the matter

rm_smosmof2 replies on 7/30/2006 9:50 am:
I'm pretty well guaranteed to put in an appearance every time there's a new post.....

tracy_de_lacy 106F
9268 posts
8/4/2006 3:13 am

Oh but we do block them from our meets. We don't give out the venue to meets publicly. We wait until about a week or two before and only email those people we trust wih the exact pub we are meeting in. You can always tell what someone expects from a meet by what they say and their profile gives it away too.

Bye everyone, it was a blast

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