So much for the string.....  

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8/30/2006 2:53 am

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So much for the string.....

Tuesday passed without a post. The need to sleep outweighed the need to communicate. My mind wasn't up to the task, although I did make a few desultory comments after I finally got home from work yesterday afternoon....

Monday night, driving into work, my car overheated. I took it into a closed service station and opened the hood... there was a leak coming from a hose....

I called work, and a field manager came and took me the rest of the way into work. When I got off at 900 am, my previous post commander picked me up and took me back to where my car had been left, and 3 hours and $150 later, I had a new hose and a new thermostat. I got home at 1 pm, knowing I had to get up again at 630 pm to head up to the poker game (by, the way, up $10.50).

While I was waiting for the part to arrive, I had leaned the seat all the way back, and dozed off. The next thing I remember, I could feel someone's weight all over my body, and somebody was kissing my mouth.....then the guy who was working on the car knocked on the window and woke me up.....

damn... that was as much action as I've had in almost 11 months.....
One last word on the convention, then I move on. I've been in charge of Consuites before. Generally, it's a suite with two sleeping rooms, one of which gets used for a preparation area. The one at worldcon was two suites and 5 sleeping rooms, one of which was a prep area. The other four were all decorated with different themes--books, knights and dragons, tv shows, comics, and movies. My first night there, I thought it was a cute touch that they had little signs on the bowls telling you what was supposed to be in them.

I'd like to think I'm impervious to criticism, but I'm not. I don't intend to offend anyone, but I'm just making obervations on how I feel and what I think. If the way I think bothers you, I'm sorry, but at least I won't bullshit you about it.

Yeah, I'm a jerk, and whatever I am, I don't seem to be able to draw anyone's interest, so obviously I'm not hot at all. That doesn't mean that I'm desperate enough to go chasing after something that doesn't attract me.....

So I do without for the rest of my life.... serves me right. any wonder why I want to leave?

somethingelse40 76M
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8/30/2006 3:20 am

No time spent with a pussy on your lap can ever be considered totally wasted. Where am I

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/30/2006 3:32 am:
Oh, that I have constantly... I have a cat who likes to sleep on my lap while I'm at the computer....

curiousinlorain7 60F

8/30/2006 5:12 am

well you're on your way to paying for the car with your poker winnings... Cars have this way of knowning when you have some secret stash of money that you've been saving for some new socks and underware.. and knowing exactly how much you have...then breaking down and costing at least that plus an extra 15% just to keep you in hock until the next time... you need another luxury like food...darn those smart cars now... I've told you once.. you do not offend me... you are just an honest person.. i like that about you..

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/30/2006 5:22 am:
Thank you.

I think honesty works better socially when being read than being experienced in person.

I think some people prefer being lied to....

sassybelle21 33F  
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8/30/2006 6:38 am

You're a jerk? I'm a bitch

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/30/2006 8:52 am:
pleased to meetcha....

or are you trying to defend me? under any circumstances, welcome. feel free to hang around here any time.....

moonlightphoenix 46F
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8/30/2006 9:10 am

We ALL want out. Nobody's getting out that easily, my friend.

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/30/2006 9:37 am:
we may have to agree to disagree on that one... I'm convinced that most everybody really wants to be here, that they're holding on to this false hope that gets shoved down out throats from the time we're born, that the perfect person is out there for us, that we can may things happen just by thinking about them, that there are noble people out there that will come riding up on their white Chargers and save the damsel from ever having to be responsible for herself. He'll take care of all the expenses while she goes off to school to get the dream degree that will land her the perfect job where she gets to do what she really wants to do (bust the bad guys) and never have to deal with anybody's bullshit, or bureaucratic inefficiency, or incompentent bosses. It's all just a perfect human being away.....

and me, what do I want? a beautiful woman with a brick shithouse body and enough resources that neither one of us have to work, and that we can persue our curiosities and interests however we want. She'll be confident enough of herself that when a conflict with another person arises, she will confront the person involved about it instead of coming home and bitching about what a undesirable person that is to have to deal with. Oh, and a strong sex drive, and she must find me charming, intelligent, and pleasant to be around, as well as to find my sad sack face attractive.

That's all.....

maybe the day after tomorrow........ ( )

(and honestly folks, I just appreciate those of you here who appreciate my wit, intelligence, and clever repartee.... you can't possibly be here waiting for me to say something of great importance.....)

well, clearly that's still a hot button with me.....

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