A Rovin', A Rovin', 'cause Rovin's Been...  

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5/7/2006 1:59 am

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A Rovin', A Rovin', 'cause Rovin's Been...

My Rooo-eye-in'... I'll go no more a rooooovin' with you, fair maid.....

As of last Wednesday, I am now officially considered to be a "rover". That means that if some guard, anywhere in Orange County calls out, I'm likely to be the one selected to cover for him. To this end, I spent last week doing a number of different assignments and shifts. For my own record keeping purposes, I'm gonna list 'em here on a recurring basis:

Monday: off, turned down an assignment because a) I needed the rest, first day off in two weeks, and b) had to stay off my feet for one day.

Tuesday: House Foods, Garden Grove, 0900 to 1700
never spoke directly to anyone there. Lobby was empty when I arrived. Called "General Information" and asked for person I was told to report to. She answered and told me to stand around outside. Saw a handful of visitors come in and out, reported to G.I. when I went to lunch, left at 1700 without any eye-to-eye contact.

Wednesday: went to Shield office to pick up more uniform pieces--white shirts...with long sleeves (yay! I don't like short sleeved blue shirts)

Thursday: Toshiba, Alton Parkway, 0000 to 0800. Training for critical account. should do another day here tomorrow...

Friday: change of assignment--now at Brea Union Plaze mall. 1200 to 2200. easy stuff, but still hard on feet

Saturday: Cal State University Fullerton special auction, 0800 to 1915. Silent auction, no one there until after noon, then flow of people coming in and out to set up. at 1700, when I had originally been scheduled to leave, the "audience" came in stayed and remained visible to discourage anyone from pocketing something. hundreds of people spending money like it fell from the sky like leaves from trees. people watcher's heaven. Lotsa nice looking women showing off their status...

Sunday: Back to Allergan (location of last week's week long assignment) in Irvine. 2100 to 0500.

My week in review.....

dandelion60540 107F
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5/7/2006 9:17 pm

Sounds like an interesting job. I'll have to read back and see if you have written about any exciting events that have occured while you were on duty. Did you used to be a police officer? Put those feet up now and rest.

rm_smosmof2 replies on 5/8/2006 4:40 am:
Interesting job? not hardly. Saturday was the most interesting of any I'd been at in the almost five months I've been doing it, and that's only because I was surrounded by people.

My background is in data processing, but after being laid off two years ago, I haven't been able to land so much as an interview, after having been in the field for 19 years...

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