like a goodyear, on it rolls....  

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6/29/2006 10:47 pm

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like a goodyear, on it rolls....

Hey folks.

Well, since we had such a great experience last Tuesday, we're gonna try to get another encounter on, so we know that we actually like this stuff, officially, not as a novelty.

We've got a couple people we've messaged and vice-versa, we'll have to see how those turn out.

It's at these times I wish I had a schedule I could actually sculpt. It seems like every time I want to have a nice evening with ~T~, the work calls me up and says, "if you wanna keep your job, better show up..." Jerkasses.

On the good note, I have job interviews next week for places that would actually put me on a real schedule, a 100% actual schedule, not some fluctuating crap.

Anybody know a good way to house train a Bassett Hound? ~T~'s got the best idea with the whole spray thing where you don't want them peeing, but my place is 1700 sq.ft. and I'd need an industrial cannister of it. I'm thinking of going to the epitome of capitalism, i.e. Wal-Mart and buying adult training pads. We'll have to see how that goes.

Diet Mountain Dew is NOT a good replacement for the leaded version.

Shaving one's genitals is a very exacting process. Furthermore, if you're going to go further and further back, make sure that you do it with the grain, not against...that just hurts.

Have a good day folks, be well and comment at will


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