posing for photos ... modeling???  

rm_slut_search 52M
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3/3/2005 10:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

posing for photos ... modeling???

ok so here I sit and wondering?
I wonder, well I know there are some very hot women out there who enjoy showing off... well I should say some cuties that have that natural look kinda like th girl next door, but like to show a bit of their sexy side. I am an amature photographer, I mostly enjoy shootin nature, but have taken some photos of smoem beauties in nature, somewhat erotic, snesual goddess's portraying the connection between them and the earth mother. dense forest, moss covered logs, running streams, high desert, many places.... I hav etaken a few... but need to create some more.

I just wonder where all of those cuties are who want to so that they while cute are super sexy and sensual? for these I mean for the photos to be similar to boudoir style, not nasty but sensual and erotic.
though I also woul;d like to take some kinky nasty pics too. infact I like to pose and be involved in pics and or videos, with hotties or couples who might like this too?

I am wondering?
if there are any woemn who like to show off their sexy selves... I know ther eare! any anound hee? in Oregon?
I do know there have been many a photos thaken and the majestic hot speings og Oregon and even seen some hot photos of sexy hippie chicks taken from Oregon Country Fair! with their breasts adorned by amazing body painting!

jsut wondering if your out there / here?
sulty seductive looks , glances suggestive , making me wonder....
where are you?

rm_slut_search 52M
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3/10/2005 7:26 pm

luv your pics...! yummm
you do like showin off
I'll try n post more soon
you look very tasty....
ever make it south to Oregon? if ya do let me know .... we coukld have one hottt photo session!


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