Pleasure..... n orgasams  

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2/25/2005 11:54 pm

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Pleasure..... n orgasams


we all seek pleasure it is the thing that keeps us going through life
what is better than pleasure?
what are your pleasures?
what gives you the best Grin?
do you quiver in pleasure?
does your body shake?

I assume that most here enjoy sex, and the ultimate pleasure.... the building of you or your partners orgasam...
sometimes (at least I find) that the excitement of building and enjoying the excitement of the forth cumming orgasam is just as or may be more enjoyable than th eorgasam that onlseems to last mere moments
but the time spent ... hours? of teasing and caressing your partner (or yourself) toward the ultimate climax is or can be the most fun part of it all... Now I am not saying that I don't totally enjoy cumming and shooting my hot cumm for my waiting partner... it's just, that part of your bliss or pleasure of the orgasam is how you got there. wheather it is the first time in lonng hott love making session or having a quickie in a place where you might be exposed ... or laying under the sun or stars outside enjoying the utltimate bliss....of passion your orgasam may be vry intense or perhaps not, you might cumm a lot or just a little bit... I know sometimes whan it has been soooo intense I have cum a ton and for what seems like minutes, while others my orgasam was super intense but (perhaps because I have cumm so many tims that day and pervious days) the voulume of cum is not equal to the waves of pleasure I feel surgeing through my entire body... but like I said other times it can feel like gallons!

so anyways
pleasure is also not just about your pleasure, but you partners sensual bliss, and I have had a few experiences where I thoroughly enjoyed pleasure ing a partner and giving them mulitple orgasams, and had amazing times without ever cumming my self, for different reasons. I still hed much pleasure myself ...pleasure is also about giving it freely to others (a gift) with out expectations.

I can get so hottt giving pleasures to others, not to say that I don't myself luv being pleasured.
but I do enjoying giving new sensations and pleasures and experiences to other willing partners..

and what about you?
we all ten to be a bit self centered when it comes to cumming, but isn't it also about giving pleasure?

for all!


and smiles


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