sweet relation  

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3/28/2006 8:08 am
sweet relation

mother told me to spend the holidays with my brother.
i remember i was 12 then. i remembered what had happened
when i was 7 yrs old. my brother came to our house with his
wife to spend the weekend with us. i was dirthy from playing
football so i went to the bathroom to wash myself. when i
opened the door, i saw my sister -in-law sitting on the bath
with her right hand in between her tighs.she did not see
me saw i peeped. her hand got higher and she rubbed it against
her clit. she moaned softly. her left hand played with her
left tit. she dipped two of her fingers into her hole. she
moaned as it went deeper. she begun to fuck herself. she
didnot stop until she gave a loud moan and shook. she bathed
and left the room. i never forgot that day. so when my brother
had come for me i was hoping of getting to spy the more. but
things had not gotten the way i had planed. his bathroom
door was too noisy to allow anyone peep without being caught.
one day, i played football with my new neighbours. i felt
hungry so i came home. i was shocked when i found no one downstairs.so
i went upstairs. i knocked at their door but no one answered.
i slowly entered. i was shocked to find her lying on the bed.
she was asleep. she turned and raised one leg. my heart begun
to beat faster when i saw her puff cunt. she was not wearing
anything under her dress. something told me to get out of
the room . but that thing in between her tighs attracted
me. i slowly moved to her bed. slowly i parted her legs.i
wanted to know how it felt to be in that hole. my fingers moved
slowly up her tighs into the the puff lips. i slowly touched
her clit. she moved slightly but did not wake up.i pushed
one finger into the hole. i felt her move . i added another
finger. she moved but her eyes never opened. her hole was
steamy. i dipped it deeper i felt her part her legs wider.
i added a third finger and did as i had seen her do five years
ago.i felt my hands wet with a slimy liguid that came from
her hole. i felt her breath faster as i increased pace. she
begun to moan aloud . i was so occupied to see her wake up.
she opened her legs wider and sat. i was lost of words. i was
caught. but she only laughed and asked me if i wanted to play.
i had nodded. she asked me to pull down my shorts. i was shy
when my pole was esposed. she laughed at my erection. she
said my rode was too big for my age. she told me to sit down
on the bed. she held my dick . i rose and begun to run out of
the room. she called after me. she told me that if i did not
comply with her rules , she will tell my brother what i had
done.i came back and sat on the bed. she took my penise into
her mouth. she sucked it and i came immediately, that was
the first time i saw my cream.she still held my dick in her
mouth. she blew me till i got an erection. she told me to use
my dick instead of my fingers to enter her. my rod went deeper
into the flesh. she moaned and fell backwards on the bed
. i pushed in and out of her as she moaned louder. she cried
and grasped my waist. she pushed me in and out faster. i felt
the the sensation again and i sprayed her dress. she smiled
and took her dress off. her breasts sprang out. i immediately
got an erection from the sight. she asked , 'u like boobs
ha? ' i nodded shyly. she said i was then welcomed to
play with them . i slowly touched the meat. my mouth moved
to the nipples. i smooched and ate. she laughed. she said
i will be a sex maniac when i grow. she asked me to open the
draw by her bed. i opened and found a black bag in it. she opened
it and brought out a huge penise. it had a belt attached to
it. she put it on me and brought out some lubricants. she
rubbed it against her pussy. she turned and bent with her
hand on the bed. she asked me to enter her from behind. i did.
she screamed when i got deeper. she told me to bang faster.
i obeyed. she moaned , 'aaaah, aah, aaaaaaaaaah, oooooohh.'
i got faster. she screamed and tensed . she shook and threw
herself on the bed.i removed the tool from my waist. my rod
was then as hard as ever. i slowly entered her agian. i went
faster. she begun to moan again .'aaaahhh, faster, ooooohhh
u are killing mmm , aaaah ooooh. she tensed again and shook
beneath me i fucked her harder. i also moaned and released
my cream on her back. she panted for breath on the bed and
told me i was the best in-law one could ever have. that night
she made my favourite dish.

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