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3/30/2006 3:36 am

was often laughed at in my maths class . i was not bad in any
other subject but this.so i begun not to do the exercises
they gave me. but oneday, Miss Garnet caught me.she told
me to wait for her after school in the class room. i did not
know what to do , and i dare not runaway. i sat on my desk waiting
for her all alone in the class room.i was surprised when
she entered the class room. she wore a different attire
from the one she had worn to class earlier.her skirt was
quite short exposing her tighs, and her blouse was tight
too. i could trace her large nipples in them. she carried
the biggest boobs i had ever seen.i pushed my stiff pole
deep into my pant. she walked over to my desk and asked me
why i had not done the assignment she had given us. i stammmered
some words . i was not even sure what it meant. she smiled
and brushed my hair off my face.she sat on the desk infont
of me.she put her legs on the chair.she parted her legs and
my mouth went with it.she wore nothing beneath the skirt.
i could hear her ask another question but my attention was
elsewhere.she closed her legs before she got my attention.she
told me she was going to help me with my maths problem. i thanked
her. she told me it was under one condition.if only i did
what ever she told me to do i was going to be the best maths
student. i had smiled. she told me to lock the door. i darenot
disobey.when i had finished , i turned to bump into her.she
was a little taller than i was. and i felt her naked boobs
against my chest.her hand brushed away the hair on my face.
her lips parted lightly as she bent a little. i felt her warm
lips on mine.my tongue got lost inher mouth.i had never
been kissed like that ever in my 16yrs old life.i felt her
hand on my butt. she squeezed a little and and pushed me closer.
i was embarrassed when my stiff rodtouched her.she removed
my cardigan
and kissed my chest.her hand still carassed my back.she
moved from my left nipple to my right. i was overcomed with
the sensation.her hand unzipped my jeans. she opened the
belt and pulled the jeans down.i stood half naked in my classroom
with my maths teacher busily sucking my cock. never in my
wildest imaginations have thought this could happen.i
felt my dick enlarge.she got up an took my hand. i followed
her to the first desk in my row.that was Susan's desk.
she sat on it and parted her legs wide.my cock got harder
when my eyes fell on the socky puff cunt she had. she smiled
when she saw how stunned i was. she told me to lick it dry.and
that was my first lesson in becoming a good mathmatician.
i licked my lips first before i got to my first lesson.she
tasted sweet but a little salty. the more i licked the louder
she moaned. her waist moved up and down in a sequence.her
meat was never dry. i traced with my tongue to find the source
. it was from some small hole. i licked as hard as i could but
the fluid will not stop comming. i decided to dig in with
my tongue.she had movedback with a big moan and had grasped
my long hair.the hole got bigger each time i pushed my tongue
deeper.when i saw the rodlike structure at the beginning
of her wet meat, i decided to taste it and know how it was like.she
had screamed when my teeth had given it a little brush she
tightened her leg around my head and spasmed. i even shook
with her. when she had relaxed a little, she told me to put
my rod in her meat.i had glady obliged. i could not stand
the warmness of the hole.she told me to rock her hard. and
i think i made an impression.the deeper i got the hotter
i became.i could not stand the feelings anymore. i pushed
deeper and exploded in her.she also begun to shake . i felt
her dig her nails into my back as she spasmed again.she told
me i was the best fucker she had evermet.after i had worn
my dress i told her she was the best teacher i had ever got.and
after everyday extra classes, i eventually became the
best maths student in the whole school. i even got an 'A'
in my college entry examinations.now i miss her dearly
in my office.ooh , how i wish one never finished high school.

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