i need to find out...  

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8/1/2005 12:27 am

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i need to find out...

When i was in college at amec-bccm, i used to watch porn movies with my friends in thier dorm during vacant periods. it was just for fun and i didnt give any serious thought about it. until just recently, a friend gave me a number of pirated porn cd`s and dvd`s which he had bought from a muslim street vendor somewhere in legaspi. i dont know what has got into me but after watching those videos,most of the scenes somehow got stucked in my mind and eventually started to have some wild kinky imaginations. from that day on, i got hooked up and just cant think of anything but sex! i have always fantasized most of my favorite erotic scenes from the video and with me of course as the action hero. i wonder if i can do that in real time. please help me find out..

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2/3/2007 8:20 pm


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