In need of a change.........  

rm_slippery243 57M
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8/22/2006 4:43 am

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9/22/2011 5:46 pm

In need of a change.........

Some of the shit that I've been writing to others and in my blog doesn't make sense to anyone. Honestly in most instantances I'm writing what I feel at the moment. Maybe I shouldn't write anything. But the purpose of mine being on this site is to appeal to others and to give insight of what they might get if someone were to meet me. Probably thats why things are so slow. I think that a lot of others on this site have no trouble of finding sex partners. Shit I'm fucking still waiting. I expose my thoughts in writing on this site a lot. Apparently my thoughts are different from many of yours. In my sitution I can understand that. Fuck, I don't even understand my situation. An issue being my sexual desires. Apparently I'm looking for what a lot of others are looking for but because of my human nature the way that I go about things is a little crazy. I don't know how to express myself in writing or orally. I know that things change but it seems that I can't get out of the shit I've gotten myself into. Thats what this site offers me a chance to change my sitution. I'm not looking for anything permanent just a change of the shit I deal with every fucking day....

rm_tr4ckh3ro 28M
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11/28/2009 6:59 am

its iight thats what blogs are all about

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