Candace and the pool  

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Candace and the pool

Candace had met Cody in the athletic department. She was a volunteer trainer at the college and had helped Cody rehab from a broken arm. He had broken the arm in a college football game during the fall.

It was summer now. The football season had ended and the arm had healed well enough for Cody to work at the hardware store, carrying the heavier items for customers when called upon.
Cody had carried a bag of gardening stones for Candace and now as he straightened up from placing it in her car’s trunk she remembered the remarkable fitness he had earned from the football weight lifting sessions. An athlete, aged 21 years, could be very easy for the eyes to inhale.

Candace had turned 35 the month before, but she had kept herself well; she turned heads wherever she went. Her husband Adam spent nearly all of his time with his business and while his efforts had provided a good deal of financial comfort for Candace, she desperately sought a different kind of comfort in her life. He was gone again this weekend to a business convention. Candace had long ago tired of going on these trips with Adam.

She studied Cody carefully and in the instant that people decide things, and then realize they don’t know how they actually decided, she blurted out…”Cody, if you would like to come over tonight the pool is warm enough for swimming, maybe it would be good to continue your rehab in the pool.” Candace cringed at the sound of her awkward straightforwardness.

Cody appeared confused. “Well, Mrs. Peterson, my arm is actually OK now, but I do love to swim. Would it actually be OK to come over and use your pool?”

Sensing his apparent confusion and realizing he had not picked up on the subtlety in her offer, she smiled at her own idea that Cody would be interested in her, and told Cody, “Yes it is perfectly all right”. Why don’t you come about 7pm and I will fix some dinner for you.”
“Do you still live in the big white house on Matilda Lane, asked Cody?”

The house sat on a beautiful piece of property, 10 acres in all, at the edge of town. It was a house well known to many people in the town. It was the sort of home others dreamed about.
“Yes Cody, same old house on Matilda, I’ll see you at seven then?”
“Sure Mrs. Peterson, I get off at six so I can be there by seven.”

As Candace drove away she had a sinking feeling that Cody had completely misunderstood. “Well,” she thought to herself, “I have already made a bit of a fool of myself; I guess I’ll just have to be less subtle with him later.”

Around 7pm Candace waited nervously in her living room. It gave her the opportunity to watch the long road leading into the house. Candace decided if nothing else she would at least get to watch Cody’s chiseled body in the pool and maybe have the opportunity to embarrass him a little.
At 8pm, a frustrated and semi-pissed Candace decided that Cody had clearly not been serious about coming. She made herself a stiff drink and headed for the pool. The pool required a bit of walk. The architect had set it off a distance from the house.

From the area of the pool she could here the sound of swimming. There were times that neighborhood children climbed the fence and would have to be shooed away. After cresting the small hill on the pathway, Candace immediately saw that Cody had not forgotten at all. His body was fully submerged and only his head broke the plane of the pool’s surface. Seeing Candace he immediately broke into a huge, beautiful smile. “Mrs, Peterson, I didn’t think you were going to come out. I guess I better put my swim suit back on since you are here.”
When Candace had reached the edge of the pool she could see Cody’s trunks laying on the edge of the pool.

Candace smiled and with hardly a second’s thought said “Stay right where you are Cody, I am going to join you”. She slipped the summer dress over her head. Underneath the dress was nothing other than the remarkably smooth taught skin that she longed to share with Cody. The breeze blew gently across her hardened nipples and moved her hair across her eyes momentarily. Cody stared intently at her, and then he smiled the widest “well I’ll be damned” smile Candace had ever seen on anyone’s face.
With the confidence of that smile in her mind, Candace dove into the warm water and soon after found her hands encircling the sides of Cody’s waist. His waist was completely unlike Adam’s waist. It was smooth, hard and layered in muscle. The water left a slippery sheen between her hands and his skin. As she came to her feet in the pool, she moved the wet hair from her face and moved her mouth toward Cody’s. She moved her hands down to the small hard hips and felt them in a way that she hoped her mind would remember later.
--to be continued--

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