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whipping girl

Needless to say, Jeff was quick to lay me down on the floor and dive right in. With Christina egging him on to "fuck, her, Jeff!" it wasn't long before he pulled out, spraying come all over my belly.
The next morning, i woke up to Christina's arm around my waist, spooning me from behind. That night we asked the baby sitter to watch her son again, and spent the first half of the evening talking about the night before. Jeff said he wanted a repeat perfomance, but Christina had something else in mind. Returning from the bedroom she carried a crop and flogger in her hand. As soon as I saw them, fear tied my stomach in knots. At the same time, i was so wet from our discussion of last nights events, i didn't have time to form a reply or protest as Christina ordered me over on my hands and knees to Jeff. He was laying on the couch, and with his long arms, easily held my wrists down on the floor, when she ordered him to. Christina spoke softly in my ear, "you will hold still and be as quiet as you can until i am done with you, do you understand?" ripping my face upward by my hair, i saw the severity in her eyes. breathless, and half high on her sudden change in attitude, i nodded."you will answer me, Yes, Mistress. when I talk to you or ask you something! Do you understand me?" "Yes, Mistress!" i was so transparent, everything she was doing was making me want her more, feelings of helplessness mixed with the most dizzying arousal i'd ever felt. i couldn't have said no or stopped her, no matter the fear.
The first strike was planted square on both cheeks, she had swatted me with her hand, and kept doing it until it felt like my bottom was on fire, raw and tender. little sounds would escape my mouth from time to time, but i stayed as silent as i could....until the first blow from the flogger, a shriek escaped my lips. i was totally unaware until i felt her stop and tie two of Jeff's necktie's around my head tucked into my mouth for a gag. "Just bite down, and be quiet!" The flogger started up again, this time faster and faster, it seemed she was trying to whip it raw. My head swam with lust, i just wanted to have my face between her legs, with her grinding her clit against me. somewhere it seemed like another world, Christina was telling Jeff something, the next thing i knew, he swung around on the couch and had his cock out. Pulling me closer he pulled the ties away from my mouth and pushed my head down on him. Opening my mouth, the drool from the gag helped him slide all the way in. It was comforting to have his shaft in my mouth, i bobbed my head up and down, sucking while i could. The cock in my throat served as a gag as the blows came harder. in what seemed like a minute, i could feel his nuts crawling up toward my chin and his hand in my hair shoved me down hard as he came so hard down the back of my throat, i thought i might choke.
The whipping stopped as Christina pulled me off Jeff's dick and turned me around. Laying down in front of me, she pulled my head up between her legs and ground my face on her wet pussy. the thought crossed my mind that she tasted alot like peaches and cream, licking the juices up that had dripped out while she whipped me, i teased her clit, then down each lip and back up the other. Sliding two fingers in, i pushed up as i sucked hard on her clit, moaning "fuck me!" she tightened her grip in my hair, arching her back off the floor, she came. Her wetness drenched my face and hand, leaving a puddle on the floor under her. Both of her hands held my face against her pussy as she came down. i could feel the spasms still making her twitch as her hands relaxed, and allowed me to kiss my way up her body to her lips. i have never felt so naked and open as when her lips touched mine. it was soft and inviting in a way no man's kiss could be.
Christina and i lived far from each other, but continued our relationship until a couple of years ago, when she got divorced and moved to Oklahoma.
The next relationship i had that involved whipping was with a man from the same home town as Christina and i. He and i started dating just after the week at Christina's house.
He wasn't into spankings for anything other than to heighten a woman's orgasms through pain. But I learned alot about my lack of limits with pain, and had sex with and audience for the first time with him.
hope everyone is having as good a day as i am. i need to get some chores done before Master comes home. ~ [slaveslut30]

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3/15/2006 3:19 pm

love stories that use my name

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4/4/2006 7:01 am

Dear it's a wonderful story. I've never been whipped but IT IS MY FANTASY. i'm sure I will realise it someday soon.
I'm accepting propositions...!!!!

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2/20/2007 4:08 am

I would love to be the one to provide that to you Hot....let me know...if you are interested...

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