visions in blue 4  

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3/1/2006 8:27 am

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visions in blue 4

back to the mundane task of cabling now 3 hard discs and 3 dvd rewrites in loom from slave power supply.
machine still stable had to fit over 4x120mm to make 2 gig memory moudales stable bank 1 and 2 =2 gig bank 3+4=4 gig 6 gig total must design and make 40mm fan blower to force air on ram sticks.
when Amd send me second processor from rma will be able to load up to 12 gig max with current resorces
still worth it with a score of 15,600 sysmark this is a truly amazing landmark for a single processor machine
drop in tempture by ten deg over supplied hsf
is liquid nitrogen the answer or just to dangerous
hope you enjoy

may the great maker take care
of you and keep you safe from harm

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