Training Workshop in Langkawi, Malaysia  

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Training Workshop in Langkawi, Malaysia

[Didn't have time to blog this earlier but I thought I ought to do it now or I'll never do it. ]

I organized a workshop for promoting IT skills among the developing countries in asia pacific region. The workshop was held in Langkawi in mid Feb. It went very smoothly much to the credit of the conference management company that I engaged, in particular, the team led by a gorgeous manager called Jenny. Jenny is truly cut out for the job, efficient, service oriented, cool and calm under pressure, always smiling, and simply perfect. Supporting her was a team of hardworking and efficient staff. The entire event comprised of a 3-day workshop, followed by a 2-day training session for technical reps from the developing countries. By the end of the 2nd day, I am already getting compliments and praises from the participants and sponsors, so much so that I decided that Jenny and her team deserved a special bonus.

Besides doing a great job in running the event, Jenny is drop-dead gorgeous. During the workshop, she is always in a business suit and skirt which tends to be a little short and accentuating her long slender legs. Under her jacket, her white shirt is always worn with a few top buttons off exposing a generous cleavage which is also hidden by the silk scarf that she wears and the file that she carries with her wherever she goes. She wears her long hair in a bun giving her a very professional image. When i talk to her or ask for something, I always get a reassuring hold or pat from her on my arm and a big smile. Everytime, I look at her, it never fails to incite some reaction from my groin

On Wed, the last night of the workshop, we held a special dinner for the invited speakers, sponsors and VIPs. Just before the dinner, I met Jenny in the secretariat. She appeared wearing a long coat and we had a short discussion to finalize the seating arrangements. This was the first time I saw her with her hair down but what really got me drooling was the gown she was wearing under the coat which she removed before we proceeded to the function room. I saw the back first. Bare back all the way down to her slender waist. Her long wavy hair cascaded down her fair back. She turned around to show a plunging neckline that went past the little sparkling diamond in her belly button. The silk clung onto her ample boobs which bounced and swayed as she moved. Although the gown was long, the slits on either side went up to her waist and it looked like the gown was made up of two pieces cloth secured at the waist. I almost wanted her there and then in the secretariat On the way to the function room, every guy that we came across was ogling at her. Likewise, during dinner, she was getting lots of attention and compliments from everyone for a well-run event. Obviously happy, she also drank a fair bit of wine and champagne. When dinner was over and guests had left, she was relieved and a little high. I took the opportunity to invite her to my place to finalize the accounts for the event, and also to give her the bonus that I had intended.

Knowing how to take care of her client, she got me the best chalet in the resort which stands on silts over the sea with a balcony facing the ocean; the balcony spans the sitting room and bedroom. She presented the accounts to me, with details that showed how meticulous she is. What impressed me much more was the effort she put in to save costs without compromising quality and also the amount of sponsorship she had gotten - twice the amount that I had hoped for. I immediately decided that all the costs saving should go back to her and her team as a bonus, much to her delight. After that, I outlined to her a new project which I am helping a friend to organize - a CEO/CTO round table. As I went through the details on my notebook, she was very much leaning against me partly due to the wine she had earlier. Nevertheless, she was very alert and provided many suggestions. My arm went around her waist to hold her as she made changes to my proposal, and caressed her back which she responded by putting her hand on my thigh. Taking that as a yes, I slipped both hands under her gown to fondle her boobs and I started to kiss her neck, ear, back,... She moaned... and turned to kiss me... while her hand stroked by groin, feeling for my dick which was pressing against my pants. I then moved my hand to her thigh and felt my way up to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy through her micro silk panty, soaking it in her juices. I pulled it down and slipped my fingers into her pussy, probing deep and fast. I fingered her into a frenzy, panting and moaning. By now, I have pushed her gown apart exposing her boobs and was licking and sucking them eagerly. I felt her cum a few times, each time accompanied by her pussy squeezing my fingers together and a flood of juices. After few orgasms, she was pretty exhausted as she held me tightly pressing me onto her boobs. As she rested, I continued to kiss her and slowly unfastened the straps on her gown. Soon, she was ready for more. She stood up and let her gown drop to the floor. Then, she stepped out of her panty. Still leaving her stiletto heels on, she knelt infront of me and removed my clothes slowly, kissing down my chest, then pulling my pants off, and releasing my now fully erected cock. She looked at it longingly and licked its entire length, kissed the tip, drooled on it, and used her hand to pump it. Wrapping her lips on the crown, she slowly took my dick into her mouth, deep throating it; up and down her head moved, sucking it eagerly, while I slipped my hands under her to fondle her boobs. After enjoying it for about 1/2 hr, I let the cum flow. As soon she felt the first burst, she took my cock and pumped it hard with her hands, letting my cum squirt onto her face and boobs. She rubbed my cum over her boobs like cream and licked those on her lips. She then used her boobs to embrace my cock and rubbed the rest of the cum off it. Then she climbed onto me to kiss me as I held her.

A while later, she stood up, kicked her stiletto heels off and led me to the bathroom into the jacuzzi... that was the beginning of the night of hot wild sex with my event manager

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